Category: tea ceremony

a cup of tea

Heart thousands of knot, tea unique fragrance The sky of the leaves, have begun to dance, the north wind and winter snow, has also been in the way to the world to speed up the pace. Into the warm room, a cup of tea, palm water flow. See the corrugated circle, a circle, and a circle to ripple away, as…

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Zen tea

Since ancient times, the beauty of Zen tea, drunk how many literati people, run the number of flowers and wonderful pen. Tea fragrance, refreshing; Zen’s free, distant ethereal. Zen tea blend, so that my heart filled with things I forgot two leisurely and clean – leisurely Ren Shu Shu, dance between the mountains. Empty birds in the air and, Fei…

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Tea ceremony

      In daily life, everyone drinking tea, tea has a different feeling, and the purpose of drinking tea is the main dish of tea and tea rhyme. Although the origin of the humble but noble temperament, meditation tea can make people no desire. The main feature of green tea is “clear green leaves”. Green tea as elegant temperament of…

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