Zen tea

Since ancient times, the beauty of Zen tea, drunk how many literati people, run the number of flowers and wonderful pen. Tea fragrance, refreshing; Zen’s free, distant ethereal. Zen tea blend, so that my heart filled with things I forgot two leisurely and clean – leisurely Ren Shu Shu, dance between the mountains. Empty birds in the air and, Fei Ming green beach.

Late spring season, the dustfall of the walkers, full of trouble to find the quiet look back to the ancient millennium Boshan Masanori Temple, and then seek Zen tea.

Spend a cup of tea, meet a Buddhist thoughts, a move to a quiet scouring the dust in the vicissitudes of life and tired.

Spring breeze, the tea house, Zen the share of indifferent, the share of “no wind and no fire without mountains and rivers, no god no ghosts without magic,” the detached and free, but also to the tea aroma rhyme smoked the whole time.

Cool moonlight, light stained that cluster of mottled branches. Boiled full pot of tide, such as heart flying, no dust

About like a nine-day Jade Pool in the Smart and elegant Zen music, wash the cup hot light, indifferent to invite, wash all the way flashy.

Cup light phase Zhuo, light Shu Yun sleeve, waving open between the large beads of beads falling jade discs crisp crisp, Chhnang ear, physical and mental hearty.

Yuet Wah, the swaying branches will be fragrant tea sprinkled into the boundless time and space, like a dream of time and space overflowing the shepherd flute melodious, filled the fishing boat singing cheerful.

Meditation tea, light cup throbbing flashy, instantly infiltration of heaven and earth is full of tea and incense. Yuehui such as practice, pouring in the tea on the Zen, the tea pottery from the clouds between the water.

Zen music accompanied by tea light tapping heart, curl between heaven and earth. Wake up a pot of spring buds, cut a period of time, will be soaked in fragrance into the cup. Toast to invite, Ganlie tea fragrant Qin Run the body of every pore, such as spring rain touch the heart like a comfortable. Ju Yi a tea incense, insight that empty, awareness that free.

A cup of tea incense, such as the moon splashing under the Qinghui, so that the dust in the whereabouts of the mortal ups and downs to do the flash of the bright and clean. Tea and the mixing of teeth cheek and self, so that heart only quiet. Qinglie of the tea to the drinkers into the looming dream, in the clouds of water in the forest between the deep drunk.

Nara tea, such as clear and swaying. Casually sub-tea, toast a smell of incense, diarrhea-like intoxicating. Light sip slowly drink, reveals a trace of no pull freely, smooth if thoroughly drink Gan Lin.

The tea of ​​the heart, people forget the restlessness of the earth. Zen tea rhyme, spotless, if the line of clouds, if the fear of bamboo shadow, non-earth language can do it.

Zen tea beauty, so that people feel the tenderness of the spring flowers, taste the cool summer, deep understanding of the moon on the bright and clean, and understand the winter snow of the elegant Ya.

Zen tea phase and, elegant and not Mei, full of lofty in the full of indifferent. It is not relish the spring snowy high and elegant, do not abandon the right people under the cottages. It is both the mountains and rivers of the hearty dripping, and the winding streets of the silent – drink those who invited the tea house, wash the dust to find the mountain monk. A pot of boil dry things, let it southeast northwest wind.

Drink a cup of Gan Lin, alone to stay full room fragrance. Zen master indifferent, bright and clear the hearts of ordinary people, washed away the earth lead China.

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