a cup of tea

Heart thousands of knot, tea unique fragrance

The sky of the leaves, have begun to dance, the north wind and winter snow, has also been in the way to the world to speed up the pace.

Into the warm room, a cup of tea, palm water flow. See the corrugated circle, a circle, and a circle to ripple away, as if the moment fell into the mind without solution. But tea, in the end or silence. Not like wine is so high-spirited, can be drunk in the drunk drunkly headstrong. Said the cup between the visible life, in fact, thousands of words, still is the language is still off.

“Heart like double screen, there are thousands of knot.” Acacia all kinds, after all, into a ray of love silk. The words of the ancients is very graceful, as long as Xiang Ren deep, “thousands of knot” has become an unbreakable link, the world is difficult and dangerous, but also can not solve this thread twisted into the heart of the knot.

Thousands of years of leisurely and over, and now the “heart of thousands of knot”, as if only the cut constantly, Li also endless endless sorrow. Life of the guest, why thousands of knot, and now this knot, has become a can not open the homeless. The initial situation than Jin Jian, had changed the world, leaving only how to use the reasons and excuses, with a “let it be” to complete a thing backfire. Heart thousands of knot, as the palm of tea, one cool, only self-knowledge. The world joys and sorrows, gathered the impermanence, but finally a smile of the.

Fortunately, behind the shadow of the sun, there is always a tough tea.

A cup of tea is a painting that can fade to sorrow.

“Tea tripod night cooking ancient snow, flowers show morning nine days of the wind.” Tea landscape, from the style into. And gentle and warm and elegant things, and sometimes with the blowing from the imposing bearing. Jiangnan drizzle, smoke Liu painting bridge, is the darkness of the tea landscape, sandy shore mountains, towering old trees, is the cup of ups and downs of the past years. A fragrance, came from all sides come together, attributed to the green light incense, is still so elegant look.

A cup of tea is a poem that never complains.

“Long love Mo sent home, thousands of miles Acacia a total of tea.” Tea is always silent, tea, then the words should not be too much. Spring and summer autumn and winter, every kind of tea, are available for collection. Youth withered, but can not touch the dry air pain, because the infiltration of tea, is a vicissitudes of the heart.

A cup of tea, is a thousand years of silence, long and drift of a ray of fragrance.

Tea smoke curl, incense from the thick. Forget tea, worry worry song, comfortable incense. Curtain outside the moonlight shallow, gently swaying into the flow of poetry. Tea on the voiceless, cup of water, the world has different, in fact, only need to be worthy of a regret.

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