Tea ceremony


    In daily life, everyone drinking tea, tea has a different feeling, and the purpose of drinking tea is the main dish of tea and tea rhyme. Although the origin of the humble but noble temperament, meditation tea can make people no desire. The main feature of green tea is “clear green leaves”.

Green tea as elegant temperament of the woman, look noble and generous, arrogant and impatient, and hidden, black tea is the main feature of red leaves green soup, as a fashionable and enchanting girl, full of personality, is a modern city in a romantic landscape The main feature of tea is the use of green tea in the rhyme baking tea, accompanied by black tea, and then the tea and fragrant flower fight and cellar system, so that the absorption of flowers from the tea. Huacha flat light, simple, but fragrance directly Qin people heart and spleen.

Huajiao as ordinary and ordinary woman, quiet and indifferent, although ordinary but difficult to forget.

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