Russian drinking tea custom

The Russian record of tea began in 1 567 years. Ming Dynasty forty-six years (1618), the Chinese emperor sent messengers for 18 months for the Russian tsar presented several boxes of tea. To the 16th century, tea quickly from the upper to the whole society. In the 19th century, the Russian literary works of tea, tea ceremony, tea, tea customs continue to appear.

Now the life of the Russians and tea are inseparable, they add tea as a supplement to the diet, in addition to sugar inside the tea, and sometimes add jam, cream, lemon juice, tea, also taste candy, pastry, bagels, etc. The In addition, the Russians also have tea custom. Russian people prefer black tea, especially Georgian black tea, is also very interested in Chinese jasmine tea.

Russian tea is very particular about tea, like beautiful tea, some like Chinese ceramics, and some like glass. The equipment they cook tea is a samovar (actually a kettle for tea). In the Russian samovar is done very fine, and some are still engraved with ugly verse, such as “Huo-wang tea shop open, tea guests taste”, “tea pilgrimage wind passenger, spruce tree under the paradise.”

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