French custom of drinking tea

France is a great European country and has a splendid culture. After the tea came to Europe as a drink, it soon attracted the French interest. Because the mid-17th century, the French “missionary travel” which wrote “Chinese health and longevity, Angelica for tea, this is the East commonly used drinks.” Therefore, after publicity and practice, the French tea gradually from the upper reaches of the community popular to the people, has become an important part of people’s daily life and social activities.

Now, the French favorite tea with black tea, green tea, tea and Tuocha. When they drink black tea, they like to brew or cook. And the British drink tea is similar to the practice, the French people will usually black tea in the cup with boiling water after the bubble, then add sugar and milk, and some do not add milk. Some places in France have the habit of adding fresh eggs to red tea. When drinking tea in the bottle, add lemon juice or orange juice is also very popular way to drink. And some in the tea plus gin spin or whiskey, as a cool cocktail drink.

French people on the quality of drinking green tea is very high, in the way of drinking, and West Africa, the same way to drink green tea, usually in the tea inside the sugar and fresh mint leaves, made of sweet fragrance of cool drink.

In France, tea is mainly used for Chinese restaurants and travel Chinese use, drinking methods and drinking methods in northern China, are in the teapot plus boiling water, generally do not add anything else, to drink. After the 20th century, 80 years, the French people have gradually interest in tea, especially young people to drink with flowers, fruity, leaves fragrant flavor of tea for the fashion.

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