African tea custom

African tea is mainly in West Africa, where people generally believe in Islam. Islam is not yet drinking, and drinking tea because of its refreshing heart, sleep off the effectiveness of Oxford replaced the wine, become the customs here. Many of the people here are the first thing to do to make a new day after Allah’s prayer is tea. Tea has become a big hobby of the locals.

In the West African region, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Nigeria, Zambia, Niger, Liberia, Togo and other countries are tea consumption, the consumption of tea to green tea. This is because the color of green tea, fragrant, taste well known, but also has Yishen, thirst quencher, digestion, digestion and other pharmacological functions, and nutritional effects. These effects and obscurity of green tea are urgently needed by West African people in hot and dry areas.

The West African region is located in or around the world’s largest desert-Sahara desert, hot weather and dry weather throughout the year, so people are sweating more and more nutritious and water-rich in the body, Dry heat, heat, add water and nutrition role. In addition, the West African people perennial food is mainly beef and mutton, vegetables eat very little, so nutrition is not comprehensive, and tea just can be tired of digestion, add meat lack of vitamins. Therefore, the West Africans not only good tea, and tea for addiction, tea, such as grain, as an indispensable part of life. Their tea custom, with a kind of Arabian atmosphere, which is characterized by “wide, sub-frequency, juice thick, mixed with condiments.”

In the brewing concentration of tea, the West African people drink more than at least twice the amount of Chinese people. In the number of tea, the West African people drink at least three times a day tea, and a cup. West Africa and China as a guest to respect the practice of tea. In the streets of West Africa, the teahouse, the customer surplus door. West Africans like to drink mint tea, they brew tea when there is a habit of tea plus sugar, and add mint leaves savory.

This is because the tea is a natural drink of fragrance glycol, sugar is sweet nutrition, and mint is Jieshu coolant. So that tea, sugar, mint three integration, benefit was singular. And some in the brewing green tea when sugar directly drink, of course, this is a minority.

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