Latin American tea way

Latin America refers to the areas south of the United States, including South America and North America, Mexico, Cuba and other regions, these areas use the Portuguese language and the Spanish language (all belong to the Latin language), hence the name. Latin America is rich in coffee, caffeine rich aroma and loved by the Latin American people, and tea with its fragrance is also popular with their welcome. And South America, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and other countries or the world’s major producers of tea. In addition, Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay and other countries, have the habit of drinking tea.

Latin American tea and North America, Europe is not very different, but much the same, they or drink iced tea, which is consistent with the habits of Americans: or drink tea, which is consistent with the habits of the Europeans. In addition, there is a way to mix tea with coffee and drink together. Corresponding to the Latin American people drink mostly teabag or instant tea.

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