Korean traditional tea tea custom

Korean traditional tea is a category of Korean tea. Originally Korean tea custom is imported from China, the initial drinking law and our country is basically the same; but they are learning Chinese tea, tea and tea on the basis of tea, but also derived from a cooking tea law. Cooking tea is the tea leaves into a variety of food, but also to add honey or sugar. This kind of drinking law is still popular, and they drink the habit of Chinese green tea parallel to exist, in order to distinguish between dry green tea, they called the traditional tea method called traditional tea.

This traditional tea system of law, not with boiling water, but with a long time to soak a variety of cooked food by fermentation, and then boiled from the boiled. There are many kinds of food as boiled tea, such as whole grains, herbs, fruits, dried fruits, vegetables and so can be used to soak and cook tea. Strictly speaking, because there is no tea inside the soaked food, should not be called tea, but because it is evolved from the tea, they still call it tea. It is said that this traditional tea has the role of health and fitness. Broccoli tea can be appetizers tonic; jujube tea, lotus tea can calm and soothe the nerves; green plum tea, grapefruit tea, persimmon, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, Tea, orange peel tea, pomegranate tea and other fruit tea drink after dinner can help digestion.

In short, a variety of traditional tea is a year or so after soaking and fermentation, boiled and then add sugar, in addition to the taste is very sweet, but also the color and flavor on their own merits. For example, with a hundred years of grass (a cactus fruit) made of tea, clear and clean, color green crystal, coupled with a few pieces of rose petals, red and green matched, very beautiful, especially drink mouth, sweet and delicious, help Digest, is a kind of good drink.

In Korea, coffee shops, bars and automatic beverage vending machines have bottled traditional tea for sale. If you want to appreciate the charm of traditional tea, it is best to franchise the traditional tea teahouse to drink. Where the traditional tea is produced by the teahouse, compared to mass production is unique flavor, unique.

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