Singapore tea way

Singapore is a multicultural country with 76% of the total population, and a history of more than 100 years by British colonial rule. This population composition and historical background make Singapore not only Chinese tea, British afternoon tea, but also There is a unique Singapore “long tea”. The so-called “long tea” is to add a good black tea into the amount of milk a kind of milk tea. Drink this “long tea”, often not to tea-based, but to self-help snack occupy the dominant position, so this “long tea” quality requirements are not high, tea is actually more Dr. Tea’s tea show.

Dr. tea’s tea show is a kind of skill. Dr. tea in one hand holding a large tea cans, holding a cup in one hand, one on the next, about 1 meter interval. They will milk tea from the big tea pot into the cup, and then back from the cup into a large tea pot, so repeated 7 times, it means that black tea and milk blend with each other, and this tea is a superb performance , In the process of repeatedly pouring tea, milk tea will not spill the slightest, but will not splash to the tea off the body, so many tea drinkers is not so much to drink tea, such as is to watch the tea show.

As the proportion of Singapore Chinese, China’s tea is also very market. Some teahouses specializing in Chinese tea are booming. Come here to drink tea, not just Chinese, there are a lot of people here to travel or business people. They are gathered in the teahouse or pastime, or business, or old, has become a people like to go to social places.

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