Grout pot and hand germ pot

Manually refining mud is purely a matter of personal preference. Mud particles extracted from the manual distribution is not uniform, relatively thick. Mud mechanical refining is relatively thin (vacuum refining mud). Manually extracted from mud without mechanical extracted from high mud. Will not affect the luster of mud. Mechanical extracted from mud do pot than hand extracted mud do delicate pot.
Pure purple sand can not be used as germ. Mold and filling are different pot pot: pot with the number of fine mud filling, no particles, also mixed with more glass of water; mold pot general manual containing ingredients inside. In simple terms, the mold pot mouth mold, body cylinder model, the other is to complete by hand. The filling pot with a fine mortar cut in the model, then the model of firing off.
Pure purple sand can not be used as germ. The so-called hand pull embryo pot is: mechanical operation, the following a motor, a disc above. The mud on the disc, a switch, motor rotation, the centrifugal force of inertia, hand pulled out a pot type. Pull it out and put it down, put it to dry, and then with the kettle mouth, the kettle is (made of grouting), fitted into a teapot, placed after drying and then spray, after firing can become a hand embryo teapot. (Note: hand drawn embryo must be added a certain amount of kaolin) the so-called hand pulled embryo, it does not belong to the purple sand molding process. The traditional purple sand pot, is the use of barrel body and barrel barrel inlay two kinds of processes to form various shapes of purple clay pot. This is the purple molding process.
To put in the pot filling mud ball cylinder inside for 48 hours, and became mixed with very fine, and then paste filling mould good inside, such as 1 – 2 minutes out, placed dry, can be processed into the teapot.
In general, there are stripes in the hand germ pot, and there is no inside the grouting pot. Hand in one day of embryo pot can pull a 200-300 one day; filling pot can be filled with a 500. Note that not all pots are made of kaolin. But when you need to add a hand embryo.

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