Four unscientific pot raising method

A patina, method. Tea will be poured into the pot of tea juice, think more than a few pots of water, you will be able to absorb some nutrients, and do not rub brush. In the course of time, surrounded by a layer of tea pot, the pot surface becomes greasy black without beauty.
Two, dry rub method. While the tea pot body heat will pour tea in the pot body, such as tea juice poured out, with a dry towel wipe back and forth. This way a pot, brighten quickly, but develop, most afraid of luck, water, once touch the pot surface, is easy to develop luster fade, resulting in uneven gloss pot.
Three, wet rubbing method. Hot pot body with tea with tea and wipe the pot body, push rub. This method is like wiping shoes, the tea juice layer on layer. After the light, if more than half a year longer, gloss will gradually fade.
Four, ground brush method. When brewing tea in the pot, while the heat absorption of the pot, with a brush or a small brush, often scrub, so that the tea juice evenly brush on the pot, as if the brush leather shoes, is a false light.

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