Teapot history

From ancient times to the present method of tea has several different stages. From the medicinal to drinking tea, the first color and then fried tea mixed with boiled method, these methods are very popular in the Tang Dynasty in the late Tang Dynasty and the five generation of Song Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty tea tea is the mainstream method of law, the law has the tea. With the popularity of tea drinking, tea, tea, tea drinking has been enriched. Tea variety of products include: various materials, gold, silver, bronze, tin, jade, enamel, pottery, porcelain, daily life is widely used in ceramics.
Due to the different methods of tea in different times, tea is always constantly changing, the first people to use “green tea”, green, white glazed porcelain bowl for tea light belly, the most appropriate.
Because of the different methods commonly used for drinking tea, drinking “teapot” (Song Dynasty soup bottle) have different shapes. The Tang Dynasty is the “green tea”, so of big short flows to the Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty, pot is long meandering, small mouth, is “tea” to “soup” or “tea” Kung Fu, Ming and Qing Dynasties is the “tea”, “pot” was so small, because the pot small can make tea “fragrance powder” taste not delay, keep the tea itself “color, aroma and taste”.
Chinese tea scientific and beneficial to people’s physical and mental health continue to make new contributions in history. Ceramic industry originated in the Neolithic age. Founding Yixing ceramic art, according to the study of historical documents and unearthed some ancient sites, can be traced back to the middle of the Northern Song Dynasty, the early use of purple pottery of Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern purplesand has great difference. Yixing ceramic art has hundreds of years of history, is the organic part of our national culture.
The heyday of the mid Ming Dynasty in Chinese tea culture, tea drinking method is exquisite, make tea drink instead of cooking fried tea in Song Dynasty, so it began to pay attention to equipment. It has the artistic value and the value of Lai tea development, promote the interaction between the two, in two aspects of spirit and material, this tea is the life of the material, tea, not simply to use, but also contains people of aesthetic and philosophic feelings. Not only to value the content, and forms one real tastes of the treasures, it should be the best temperament and superb skill and skill, can be recognized by society and history certainly.
The pottery production process must start from the clay pottery, the materials used by purple clay, green clay (green and red) three; called purple clay, arenaceous clay produced in Shiyan stored in a folder under the mud ledge. Green is the fat Purple mud clip, the green clay “rock rock”, “mud mud”. The red mud produced in the soft mud ore bottom mud layer, as hard as stone, so Zhu Hongni said, purple clay belongs to kaolin, quartz and mica type. The characteristics of high iron content of coarse particles, so the other can not match the clay. Three kinds of raw materials, green, purple mud mud mud can be used alone, can also according to the needs of each other with use ratio. Run directly not just water swelling arenaceous clay mining, open pit to loose, weathered stale months, then crushing, sieving, mixing water processing into Pibo (Ban Chengpin) to bo. Purple is not required by the glaze, kiln 1100 to 1200 DEG C. Burning color can be elegant, texture achievement Kennedy fine durable purplesand. The color purple to purple red, so called pottery, due to the different ratio of mixed raw materials can also be a Zhu Shazi, deep purple red, pear peel, Begonia red, azure, pale, dark green, black and so on. Different colors.
The excellent properties and characteristics of purple clay in 1 plasticity, more compliant than other ceramic raw materials or clay molding, allowing for a wide range of different, than the general clay, after high temperature firing is not easy to form, the rate of finished products and the shrinkage of the body is only ten percent. 2 purplesand after high-temperature sintering, the product can keep two percent of the water absorption, porosity and rate of two percent. 3 purple is both inside and outside of glazed, used as a tea, not out of the adverse effects of a will. 4 purplesand can withstand the cold and hot shock, winter tea no burst into, can be placed in the fire simmered fried not loss, due to the heat transfer is slow, not easy to use touch grip broil hand. 5 teapot durable polyester swab with a dim light, spontaneous, with reference, so the body of jade crystal light, smell of Wen Ya, and to drink with her pleasure.

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