What is a good pot pot

The teapot is the product reflects the fashion of the times, an era of taste, shape and ornamentation of its specification. The historical evolution throughout the teapot, generally from coarse fine trend and from the big is small, by Jane more numerous, and from Jane for recover the original simplicity, has gone through three stages of ancient, gorgeous and elegant.
The teapot is the key of artistic value, collection must be three choice from the perspective of aesthetics.
Look at the mud color. Purple mud, green mud and red mud three main purple mud. Because of the different proportion of mud, but also can get Zhu Shazi, maroon, crabapple red, purple clay and also known as “wusetu”. What kind of mud color is not the best method, but it must be noted that some of the mud mixed with a lot of fossil fuels, the use of harmful substances may be leaking.
Two see texture effect. The teapot is generally not glazing, rely on plain heart communication tea, so the texture effect has become one of the standard choice of appearance. Like some delicate baby skin, caresses of Dunsheng compassion; others in the raw material mix into the clinker after sintering, orange peel effect in the pot surface, a lovely young. Most avoid is those playing surface artificial patina wax paint pot. The pot with ink filling tea.
Three see plastic arts. The teapot has two main categories: one is to pay for the goods to spend is to depict the object, to be made of methods such as deformation and exaggeration. Two is the light goods, that is, different geometric shapes as the basis for modeling.

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