The teapot collection

One should be practical.
The teapot is used for making tea utensils, so first its capacity to be appropriate. Teapot size difference is very large, large capacity of water up, only a small pot capacity. Some people make friends widely, and friends every day, if the choice of small pot of tea, the tea water is light and enough, he’s sweating. On the contrary, if the 32 friends, choose a large teapot as “drink”, with elegant. Secondly, the easy to take pot, the water spout smoothly, make tea tea. At the same time, the use of comfort, mental and physical pleasure, playing patience, let people cherish a plus, it is also very important.
Two to process strong.
A good teapot, in addition to the flow, the pot, button, cap, shoulder and abdomen should be coordinated with the overall proportion of pot body, point line surface transition, must examine the process level of four the “mud, shape, money and power”.
“Mud”: judge a teapot first lies in its merits, mud quality. The purple clay has significant characteristics of non bright color, not greasy. So, choose the teapot should be considering the qualities of purple clay.
“Form” refers to the pot shape, also is the shape of the style. The teapot shape teapot belongs to the whole in different poses and with different expressions, as part of the tea culture, so it is the pursuit of artistic conception, the pursuit of the tea ceremony should belong to “cleanse noise, indifferent, otherworldly mood”. “Simple and elegant” and tea culture artistic conception is the most harmonious, so other considerations teapot should be able to show “unadorned” atmosphere is preferred.
“Money”: pot style. Teapot department, has always been very fastidious. The India section, often from a generation of stone carving of famous artists. There are two meanings: a teapot appreciation is to identify who the author is pot; two is the appreciation of poetry calligraphy and India section engraved (stone carving). Decorative art teapot with the artistic characteristics of traditional art Chinese “poetry, calligraphy and painting” development. So enjoy a teapot, in addition to pay attention to mud, shape and production techniques, as well as literature, calligraphy, painting, inscriptions on many aspects, for every pot art lovers to bring more enjoyment of beauty.
“Gong” refers to the functional beauty of the pot art, which is different from the practical function. The teapot functions mainly in the modest capacity, and strict height properly, cover four aspects of smooth water. According to the current people’s drinking habits, generally two to five drinking capacity 350 ml should be used for good, both hands are hand fingertips, so called “one pot”.

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