How to use the new pot

Dewaxing kettle
After the warming up exercise well, will be held the launching ceremony of the pot of love. This procedure has three purposes: one is for the new pot in the factory, loading and display process, often attached to some of the sand, dust, packaging chips (especially flowers); in addition, some teapot still retained white powder (refractory, this is used in isolation into kiln blank before spreading to the pot cover edge, can avoid the kettle cover and the kettle body sintered together inseparable), these foreign bodies were removed in advance. Second, the new pot kiln, did not know the taste of tea, anger, rustic is still heavy, if not to remove, will hinder the tea tasting. Third, the upstream industry often in the early baked sand pot playing surface layer of wax, to add luster, beautify the appearance. This not only blocked the pot form foreign body oily pores, forming a layer of protective film, not tea, if not removed, it will raise the pot in vain!
Boiled brush
There are two ceremonies for the launching ceremony of the teapot, and the reader can use it according to the individual situation.
Boiling method
Take a clean pot flavor, the pot cover and the pot body separately in the bottom of the pot, the water injection Xu high pot body, simmer slowly heated to boiling. This step should pay attention to the kettle body and the water should be synchronous heating, do not like some of the books contained on the kettle body suddenly into boiling water, a “warm three”; otherwise, although the pot of hot and cold rapid change is good, but love so toss pot, in case it man have a “smile” that after opening repentance. (usually “smile”, is already Anshang) after boiling water, take a cheap tea (usually more resistant to baked tea boiled in boiling) after a few minutes, picked up the tea, tea pot and sand will continue to simmer. Until two, after thirty minutes, with chopsticks carefully teapot pot, the net return temperature (not ckld). Finally rinse with water inside and outside the kettle body, except as residues of tea, can be officially opened.
The main function of the water boiling method in addition to the wax pot can make up, the pore structure of the kettle body, by thermal expansion and contraction and release the earthy and impurities, if implemented properly, will contribute to the day after the tea pot.
Brushing method
This is a relatively simple method, first with warm water and then injected into the thermos bottle, filled with boiling water in the kettle, and hot water poured over the surface of the kettle body, the pot keep high temperature. A toothbrush with toothpaste, the pot inside and outside thoroughly brush several times, with hot water to foam, you can remove the earthy and wax.
The advantages of brushing method is simple and convenient, can operate at the tea table, do not have to “move” dynamic range is Ding, not boiled thoroughly. In addition, some brands of toothpaste (particularly on detergency strong) with high abrasive composition, the finer sand pot of fetal body (such as Zhu mud, green mud) fear prone to scratches, might use a soap substitute.
Turn over a new leaf
The launching ceremony, in a new pot as the object, if the hands of the old second-hand pot, pot, pot, pot unearthed in the old, processing should be more cautious, because no one knew this pot is the former owner where sacred.
It needs special pot unearthed Qing Qing; old old pot pot, vice versa, in some areas, is not because of the tea cup, directly to the mouth spout out, some people used teapot sauce, kerosene, and even some antiquities dealers hi Chinese ink, polish, purple sand pot brush with hydrochloric acid for the old. Even from his friends should re clean second-hand pot, head raised because “global, not a good pot of two tea”, often soak pot if suddenly rushed to the Pu’er tea oolong, inevitable impurities, impede the evaluation.
Yixing “to” old pot boiling method is usually not collected, because the old pot or Xu implicit crack, repair of injury, is not the “illness”. The normal practice is to take a clean pot, will warm the old pot into the hot water injection, Xu flooded the kettle body, then mixed with bleach 10 about one hour, so standing out, again like the brush method, the pot inside and outside the brush, then reproducible Lushan true colors. Special attention is needed, bleach is harmful to human body, and its penetration is very strong, need to fully clean afterwards, Fang Yi tea.

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