Yixing purple sand overview

Yixing is ceramic capital of China, the hometown of violet sand earthenware. She is located in the taihu lake, Shanghai, nanjing, suzhou, hangzhou and other attractions, the heartland of yixing, scenic, rich products, known as the “tao of the ancient capital, the hole in the world, tea oasis, bamboo sea”. Yixing and subtropical, clear four seasons and pleasant climate, especially for ceramic production.
Because of god’s love for yixing, give abundant condition of ceramics, contain the advantaged ZiShaTu underground.
Yixing ceramic legend, as early as four or five thousand years ago in the late primitive society, our ancestors is in the land fire ceramics. Existing geometry, YinWenTao chow period and early celadon, the qin, han, song, Ming and qing, the rapid evolution of ceramic production. Violet sand earthenware began in northern song dynasty, sheng dynasty, prosperity in the current, experience generation TaoRen efforts, talented people, different shapes, phyletic and various, emerge in endlessly.
Chinese People’s Daily life must have oil, salt, firewood, rice, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, tea also cannot little, and there is “not” in the Chinese life habit, saying the tea before meals. At the same time, whenever guests visit, give a nice cup of tea to the guest by the master, sincere enthusiasm, the tea is regarded as an indispensable beverage in life. Tea blessed are refreshing, healthy, and therefore, drinking tea, the teapot with upper class, too and literati, love, and after their participation, violet sand earthenware evolution from ordinary folk art gradually, become a unique ethnic style of violet sand earthenware culture, this is the right place, right time.
Of violet arenaceous mud materials: the first element of violet sand earthenware — ZiShaTu, mainly has the purple clay, chlorite (44-turbine chlorite), three kinds of red mud, generally referred to as the violet arenaceous mud, which are found in yixing local. They are made of natural mineral composition, contained in the rock and ordinary clay intercalation, reason has “the mud rock”, “the mud mud,” said. ZiShaTu approved by the mining tunnel, the natural weathering, crushing, sieving, mixing with the right amount of water, put the shade stale, hammer practice (practice) vacuum stirring, to achieve the ideal plasticity. Three kinds of raw materials can be used alone, also can be used according to the need for mutual mixing ratio, to produce more of the color purple sand clay. By different flame firing temperature, atmosphere, colour and lustre is more abundant, can respectively presents the azure, chestnut, deep purple, pear skin, violet, Chinese flowering crabapple red cinnabar, its wire, ink, black black color, it is purple and not Cha, red and not not charming yan deeply, yellow, green and not soft, black and not ink, grey and dark elegant is tonal.
ZiShaTu is a germplasm is exquisite, high iron content of the special clay, its molecular arrangement and particle structure of ceramic raw materials, through 1200 ℃ high temperature firing, flaky texture, with a high ideal density and porosity, thin products surface processing, do not need to glazing, won’t produce any chemical reaction when making tea. So use are recommended to make tea, does not lose the original color, aroma and taste of tea are aggregates. The ancients have for tea “pot of water is the mother of tea, is the father of tea”, “the teapot with sand, don’t seize the incense, nor cooked soup gas” words of praise. Second, the recommended heat slowly, relatively heat preservation, when using lift hand fondle not hot, the sense of touch is also comfortable. Third, violet sand earthenware hot and cold snap performance is good, the severe winter, into the boiling water, or placed on the slow fire burning stew is not easy to crack. Fourthly, because of the compact products surface processing, have more with more light, the more with more new, with more to feel the beauty of spirit. Fifthly, mud color colorful, humid texture and elegant, of primitive simplicity is steady, after using purple, just like woolen cloth wool appear thicker, crisp, even, elegant, like ancient jade unripe brightness. Due to the nature of violet arenaceous mud material, made of flowerpot, it also has good light penetration and water imbibition, make the roots of flowers and trees is not easy to rot and thrive. Made of violet arenaceous steam pan, it is used to cook dishes, delicious, fresh juice, soup.
Violet arenaceous display is tasted, of primitive simplicity and refined, can fully appear exquisite craftsmanship of the unique, full of the artistic features of Oriental culture. Predecessors’ praise is “human” pearls Ann concludes, such as YangXianXi first pill “words of praise. Therefore, to say the yixing ZiShaTu is advantageous geological treasure in our country.
Violet arenaceous classification: violet sand earthenware main varieties have all kinds of tea sets, wine, tableware, stationery, flower POTS, and Chen handicraft carving. Can be divided into the light goods, single pot, steel ladle goods, flower delivery goods such as four major categories: light goods, various sizes of different round spherical, cylindrical, conical shape of the vessel, with deep, full, guileless as characteristic, through the production process to achieve simple, robust, elegant and polished or dun pang that week, that is the spirit of light goods; Delivery, four square, eight party, six square, rectangular, side Angle, Angle of pumping, its characteristic is to be correct, concise and crisp, rigorously neat, techniques to deal with flat and agile, dynamics height; Deformation of the steel ladle goods, that is, in a variety of flowers, such as chrysanthemum, sunflower, plum blossom, ling flowers, etc., the Chinese flowering pattern deformation, have it the line of concave and convex form curvilinear form; Jin wen vessels have neat feeling, sense of rhythm and vivid; Take goods, mostly drawn from nature, from the life, such as pine, bamboo and plum, timbo, melon, etc., the trade-off, change, so that it does not have joy of life, on the pot body heap molded plastic all sorts of flowers and Ye Guo, image vivid, decorate should reasonably and appropriately, poetic, rich life breath, make things from life, above life, symbolic work perfect lifelike.
Molding process of violet sand earthenware: because the violet arenaceous raw material of good plasticity, violet sand earthenware molding process with other ceramic industry has different production methods and skill. This is for hundreds of years the technical practice of generations of artists, formed a set of reasonable handmade technique. As making round, with mud, mud, splice, again dozen body tube forming; Square, clay tablets with tube forming, finally finished in detail. Generally, the whole process from processing mud insured the ware are produced by the same person. As a result, the quality of a work process, the artistic value of high and low, all depends on the technical level and artistic design producer, skilled operation technology and abundant practical experience are inseparable.
A perfect work of art, the first choice must pay attention to material, including the combination of color and form, the combination of practical function and aesthetic. Taken when designing idea, want to consider the technological process, means and techniques, including forming when the sludge soft hard degree, namely water content should be appropriate. In the process of production, must master billet in the process of natural drying, drying degree of the influence of different work. A qualified semi-finished products into the kiln firing, must be placed legitimate kiln, a master degree, atmosphere temperature moderation. Only in this way, can make the design works to achieve the desired effect; Only in this way, can we make the combination of ZiShaTu and fire to produce unique artistic effect. Therefore, a perfect purple works in each working procedure in stained with the blood of ceramic art workers.
The characteristics of violet sand earthenware: violet sand earthenware has a characteristic, is the poetic characterized by carving artists directly on the purple sand clay. At the earliest, some scholars in Ming dynasty, qing dynasty painting poetry chronicle, acknowledged in a pot, and the message presenting as treasures, then Chen Mansheng, smelting, for the most, they promoted the development of the carved on the violet sand earthenware pottery art, the author of “the word with the pot, pot with your” of the story. And innovation in recent years, the decoration aspect, in the violet sand earthenware embedded in gold and silver silk adornment such as the new technology more brilliant, the icing on the cake.
Violet sand earthenware not only has a unique utility function, more appreciate the value of collection. Are recommended as “the world is referred to as the” first tea tea ware, it reached the relative content and the form of unity, the content is suitable for, touch, comfortable, perfect form, the beauty is generous. Say commonly, bubble tea, appropriate USES a bit deep pot, bubble tea, appropriate USES shallow pot. At work, at the bottom of the throat, eliminate fatigue and worry, enjoy the wind of the jin tang xiushui, famous mountains, flowers and birds garden artistic conception, and elegant.
Violet sand earthenware by its unique artistic form and rich culture breath, and praise for the people and cherish. Violet sand earthenware is not only a symbol of our yixing, was also the representative of traditional process of the Chinese nation, is the co-creation of human society, culture and art of crystallization.

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