Bamboo operator in water

In the past, to LaoHuZao bubble water, total want to raise with water. Why bubble boiling water to raise? In yixing yixing “su dongpo bamboo operator in water” the beautiful legend.
After that year, the northern song dynasty writer su dongpo recluse yixing of shushan, he is like a cup of tea, often with local celebrities literati tea poetry, ShuiGuDaoJin, lived. He particularly exquisite tea, tea water springs to sands, water use for cooking, to the male tang gong tea tea. Sands springs is 8 km away from of shushan, book the boy every two or three days will be to pick a trip to the water springs of nanshan sands. One day, su dongpo also called book the boy go to sands spring water, one day the boy book colds, flagging spirit and thought, and go to sands spring water, 16 kilometers to go back and forth, it is too tired, I might as well have a lazy, pedal-driven vehicles cool water, he would not know. And so on of shushan, qinglongshan, Huang Longshan play along while, and then near of shushan ziyingdian picked out a bear the river will be back in the river. Su dongpo after boiling water, then the tea taste, don’t have previous glycol for tea, then ask the boy book, book the boy had to tell the truth to inform. This how to do? Finally come up with a good solution. He took a quarter small bamboo tubes, a split in two valves with the knife, make the mark, a walking with myself, the old monk to sands springs in the other valves. Servants to fetch water, he put the bamboo dept to book the boy, the boy book to sands give this bamboo walking to the old monk spring water, and then the old monk put another bamboo dept to book the boy back. Su dongpo put bamboo walking as a water sign. The ideal of tea, the in the mind very happy, scrawled poetry writing way: “deceives. Long protocols, guan city have 纟 need, who know nanshan, water also buy character…”
From then on, people follow the example of su dongpo, bubble water is raised with the water.

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