To admire the pot of tea

Artistically elegant purple sand tea set
Purple sand tea set, exquisite and elegant, temperament is unique, has a history of 500 years since the Ming dynasty zhengde years, produced by jiangsu yixing’s most prestigious. Over the past 500 years, Chinese scholars and yixing dynasties desander master production cooperation, the carving, inlay, calligraphy and other artistic means is applied to the teapot, and makes a great treasure for the Chinese.
Now in the market of purple sand tea set boutiques carnival, distinctive modelling, during which there is no lack of famous artists. According to manager of Beijing peak farce Chen Chuping born big hall, purple sand tea set by a dual porosity structure of porous materials, the stomatal small, high density, strong adsorption, use it to make tea, not only do not break the tea color, aroma, taste, less mould rotted metamorphism, after using a long time, also have tea with boiling water into the empty pot. In addition, are recommended to use the longer, the pot body colour and lustre is the more lights. So when the choose and buy, all the grinding polishing, waxing, oil and light for the new pot, more authentic purple sand tea set is clean and neat, was born, but only for a period of time use luster.
Only a recommended will be made by dozens of working procedure, its beauty can be judging from three aspects as shape, god, gas, all three together, is really a perfect good works of art. , of course, such a pure manual art prices also not Fiji, three or four ten thousand yuan on the market at present a recommended, the cheapest have a postiche a purple sand tea set, consumers can choose according to his be fond of and economic power.
Delicate and gentle ceramic tea set
Ceramic tea set occupies a large proportion in the tea set, with moderate price and more popular in ordinary people. The concrete can be divided into celadon tea set, ceramic tea set, painted pottery tea set and so on. Celadon renew the texture, glaze color crystal clear, blue green, such as ice jade, some like blue peak emerald green color, some like a lake water, plus tea unique modelling, without some refining, dignified and elegant, give a person with a feeling of beauty. In addition to using traditional relief, dark moment, such as craft technique, has delicate MingRun glaze color. And fine ceramic tea set is more pure white and flawless, gorgeous and elaborate, belongs to the ceramic product, with the characteristics of the pottery and porcelain. Fine ceramic tea set color harmony and pleasing to the eye, some pot body still after carving, inlay, paint, silk printing and make-up soil decoration, beautifully radiant, abnormal. As to painted pottery tea glaze thickness, colorful, color is very rich and pure, enjoyable and fun.
Ceramics with a pot of tea bowl, a set of four have a pot of six bowl, a set of some still equipped with trays. In order to have good resistance to heat and cold to the performance and high impact strength, more practical. The price on the market ranging from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, modelling is rich, diverse styles, there are both antique and extremely rich contemporary breath, can be suitable for people’s taste.
Novel craft tea set
In recent years as home decoration, all kinds of crafts are also popular with each passing day. And process tea service is also arises at the historic moment, become some people’s consumption hot spots.
As the name implies, the craft tea set, can be used to make tea and highly ornamental, modelling is often in the new, strange, special, soliciting idea. In terms of material, purple sand, ceramic, has a copper or mixture of several kinds of materials, with delicate base or tray, in the home, is a very good adornment, in casual added a Oriental art taste. Generally speaking, this kind of tea set is not very expensive, one hundred yuan, price moderate, can accept the general working families, and therefore is widely welcomed by consumers.
Tea set and, of course, not only the market is still visible to the glass, stainless steel, etc., but the style is relatively simple, the price is cheaper, but no matter choose what kind of tea set, as long as the heart in peace, so, the tea fragrance, pot of wonderful, will bring you a rare classic and lithe and graceful world.

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