The methods of dealing with the new pot

First of all, to buy back the new pot with cleaner such as toothpaste, detergent, clean pot body inside and out thoroughly clean, if he harvests cleaning products such as cloth, microfiber cloth, as a special washing tea ware, best to avoid contamination greasy dishes taste makes tea adsorption odor.
New pot after cleaning your often bubble tea load in POTS a handful (about 1/6) of the pot body filled with cold water, cover the lid, the pot into the pot again. The pot with water, the water flooded the whole pot body, slow cooked, the water boiled (about 30 minutes) turn off the heat, such as water temperature drop after remove pot to cool naturally. After waiting for pot dry, can begin to use. (note: since then, do not use cold water to wash pot, lest in suddenly change mechanism of stomatal natural heat bilges cold shrink situations)
New pot first some habits will be processed as a handless small fair (sea and: tea, a cup of), let the teapot to absorb the smell of tea liquor, once you start with a new pot of tea, the flavor of the teapot tea can then benefit.
Because the tea flavor is different, plus the teapot tea gas adsorption, different in bubble tea, the teapot should be different. Some people think that the best a tea POTS, not changing. I think you should also do many people use how much pot, such ability won’t produce pot of small enough to drink more, less pot of adults more cool evaporate aroma and taste of the beverage.

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