The meaning of the pot

It, how not easy! By sleeping underground hundreds of millions of years, and after many people of mining, refining, then all the way to making your case is for the sake of what? Just to and you become attached to product a pot of tea.
With some tea at ordinary times like tea juice on the pot body, or YangHuBi with tea liquor can be used to brush pot, hot even finished tea even all don’t pour out, when the water to make tea for the second time to sort out it, feel that will make a pot of faster and more bright. In fact this is not desirable, because in tea-leaf in POTS after a long time will produce large amounts of microbe, harmful to human body, also not health. End up either raise pot to the black one, a red one, either thieves bright bright, this week as early as the Ming high up in the book is said: “this was the monk light; indecent and splash, also don’t recommend it”.
In fact, as long as you make tea at ordinary times don’t let the noise of excess water on the pot body, with YangHuBi or a pot of towel to wipe on the pot body redundant tea, water, and in every time after bubble tea with boiled water in the hot wash (note: must use boiled water, and to dry both inside and outside) and then raise the pot with a clean towel will completely wipe again, put it on the pot rack, so that you can. Day long will raise from outside to inside, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, run and not be bored with, rounded the best artistic effect.
So I will repeat the remind each pot, a pot of don’t be impatient, or it will wasted effort may not be the. A pot of every detail carefully, every detail can be enjoyed, at least to feel this way is the real meaning of a pot.

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