The advantages of the recommended

The earliest, purple sand teapot is get the be fond of of people love tea, is because of its heat preservation is good, high porosity, tea even long also won’t produce corrupt spoiled. With purple sand teapot tea not only will not affect the aroma and taste of tea, is more precious, still can foil the tea quality.
Later, as the pot of stage name home is unique, the shape of ceramic tea-pot more emphasizes the artistic value, not only make tea tools, more people ascend tea taste, make not bubble, play to enjoy can also enjoy a pot of interest covers.
Moreover, when make tea are recommended after long intensive nourishing, adsorption of tea juice, the pot body itself increases the tea stain, pot noodles to generate the color of lapis lazuli, formed the nature the teapot temperament, more add its value the day after tomorrow.

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