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Recommended origin
Yixing city of jiangsu province is the only origin from violet arenaceous mud, is made from sand and mud mixture of soil (clay), said violet arenaceous mud. Mixed with mud and sand more color purple, therefore calls violet arenaceous mud, with red, white and other colors.
Purple clay pot process

The ancients when violet arenaceous mud was discovered over one thousand years ago, first used to make tableware and vase, then make animals, charcoal stove, like, because it has a big scene ore grain, and the stiffness is strong, not easy to break, heat insulation, become indispensable to the daily supplies, people will be made teacup, teapot, violet arenaceous mud has been left to the traditional process has been evolved into a magical tea pot, more than one thousand years of traditional arts and crafts there have been some famous celebrity pot, achieved high art appreciation value.

Purple sand teapot to identify
Purple sand teapot with high-grade, middle-grade, the low-grade. Violet arenaceous mud situated in different mountains of sand content is different, the most upscale containing sand, sand, sand density, sand sparkled, pot body luster, look with a magnifying glass will more clearly the advantages of an upscale teapot analysis. Mid-range containing sand teapot is fine, crystal bright degree is a bit poor, sand, hand touch feeling there is a clear, sand grain density is more. Low-grade teapots looks more mud and sand, density between hydrophobic, glittering and translucent bright is not obvious, but still sand have distribution in the teapot. Above is the characteristic of high, medium and low-grade teapots to identify need a magnifying glass, in the absence of a magnifying glass cases, folklore struck the teapot a fire with matches is the authentic recommended method, is the most convenient, the most primitive, there is no scientific analysis of the force. Because of containing ore sand teapot, can with the match friction sparks, and scientific analysis is need a magnifying glass to identify whether authentic are recommended and levels, this is the general retail on the basis of the teapot. If there are conditions need professionals make an appraisal.
Recommended efficacy
Recommended contain minerals, iron, to the human body endocrine, seborrheic dermatitis, blood lipid, blood sugar, cholesterol, drop something, help gastric function filtered urine poison. As the beauty of different, and between the sand and mud on the pot body is not easy to see that the clutch, can contact with the air outside the pot, so in POTS tea overnight is not fermented, continue to drink, this kind of special function is incredible, absolutely use value.
The recommended maintenance
Used to make tea during the day, night after the tea-leaf kettle inside out, don’t wash pot, opened the lid, let it dry, cloudy reoccupy with boiled water when washing the POTS, tea towels every day friction pot body, a pot, so long as can produce change, change to color smooth, fruity, with dark brown, very beautiful.

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