The choose and buy of the teapot

Tea quality of a material, basically be to see fetal bone is colour and lustre, fetal bone nut, colour and lustre is beautiful, more close to the quality of a material is better in extent. When choosing a new pot, check don’t of the fetal bone hard sex, can put the pot on the palm of your hand, gently stir the lid, listen to the sound, if they give a long crisp sound, said pot of good quality. Sound dull, jin tao is not enough, less effect of thermal conductivity; But if pitches sharply, while hot.
2. The precision

The precision of the pot is refers to the lid of the pot body close degree, the higher the fit, the better. Measurement method is more than a half pot of water injection in the teapot. If so, said this pot of fit is very good, hukou of the lid join closely degree high, make tea to tea when sending out the aroma of condensed, keep the tea.

3. Water

Tilting pot of water, can make the pot drop not deposit is preferred. As to water, is upright and outspoken or soft sibutramine, along with personal preferences. But regardless of the firm or soft, water without strength were always a disadvantage.

4. The center of gravity

When filled with water, hold and filed a pot, if think the center of gravity is moderate, the pot of thickness and camber fitting not hinder the hand, is a good pot. If need to forcibly hold, even a pot of instability is poor.
5. Pot taste
Smell should be paid attention to when the choose and buy a new pot, pot, some new pot may be slightly tile taste, also can choose, but if with fire or other miscellaneous flavour, such as oil or artificial color paltrily.

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