Old pot price is high

The recommended show collection hot, this is a good thing, of course, shows that the violet arenaceous hobby and pay attention to the traditional process. It is worth mentioning, however, many people bought are recommended, is often the case of home a place, from now on. This is a layman. Because, recommended must be used, to raise, namely as yixing locals xi said: be sure to day “plate”, “plate to raise” and in the longer term, recommended can achieve faster appreciation of the effect.
Yixing are recommended for what people say good? In addition because the violet arenaceous mud raw material chemical composition, molecular structure and unique properties, such as water absorption and air permeability, “to tea, do not lose flavor”, “not a type, round mixed phase”, its beautiful shape, strong artistic appeal; Also because the recommended has a very important characteristic, is the “pot of prolonged use, dry, polyester, spontaneous dim light, with can jian”, use the longer play, color more quaint sleek, the more “for a long time and have bright color”.
So, what is the correct way to raise pot? First of all, a pot of home, need to use gauze is swabbed clean. Second, if it is a medium pot, suggestion will first pot into the pot, add water and boil tea, is used to remove different taste, and nourishing pot body; After them, again with good tea tea, put a day later, will be officially used. Again, usually with a pot of tea, should take the hand often touch pot body, ten times a day, hundreds of times, try to make the script contact pot body; At the same time, because of the tea pot of boiling water after the tea pot table is invisible to the naked eye is extremely subtle tea juice seep, so it’s best to have a wet cloth to wipe back and forth from time to time. So long use, exquisite, glittering and translucent pot body will increasingly net, smooth, bright, jade as the guide, feel comfortable, and make the mind calm, give a person with the romantic charm of of primitive simplicity is beauty. In addition, the need to remind is, use are recommended in the long run, it should be discontinued for a period of time, to facilitate the nourishing, absorption, air permeability of pot body.
After the “plate to raise” process, for months, even years later, a recommended value is different, according to the expert as saying pot after curing, when homespun values. If it is by design and production of high-grade material, so maybe it can reproduce “one or two purple, a gold” worth?

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