Moment aroma, soak happiness in black tea

Make a cup of black tea is comfortable is looking forward to in the air.
Orange sun bleached the central sea,
Never forget this intoxicate fragrance permeated with the lips.
The memories to dissolve into the tea,
Finished a cup,
More want to stay,
We will let the happiness slowly precipitation.
The city life, often let a person the feeling of restlessness, we are eager to have a quiet, comfortable way of life and culture grade, to relieve the restless mood. A busy day, whether it’s sitting on a desk hand holding a cup of fragrance waft of pu-erh tea, quietly taste of culture and lasting appeal, or make a pot of black tea zen Er, they sat, holding me, big TV for sd, and world affairs, the world, celebrity anecdotes, life interesting, all in green tea a lamp.

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