Jingdezhen ceramic tea set

Jingdezhen known as the “porcelain”. Jingdezhen porcelain elegant and rich in variety, decoration, unique style, with “white like jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper, sound like qing” the unique style of renowned at home and abroad. Blue, linglong, pastels, color glaze, called the jingdezhen’s four big traditional coating. Thin foetus CiRen said magic treasures, and sculpture porcelain for the traditional Chinese arts and crafts.

Zheng he’s voyage is associated with jingdezhen porcelain according to historical records, the ancient people in Europe, southeast Asia, Arab, African and very like Chinese porcelain, especially the jingdezhen porcelain. (Ming yongle three years) in 1405 AD, zheng he’s seven expeditions to the western seas, carrying a large number of porcelain, jingdezhen porcelain, in particular, to promote the Chinese ceramics are exported to overseas, expanded the reputation of Chinese ceramics, also greatly promote the jingdezhen ceramics international trade. These situations in the Ming and zheng letter accompanying the translation fee of the star rub – “has recorded. Zheng he’s voyage to the development of China’s ceramic production, especially in terms of the development of jingdezhen blue and white porcelain, played a big role in promoting. Because of zheng he’s seven expeditions to the western seas, jingdezhen blue and white porcelain, celadon, white porcelain in fujian province, zhejiang famous overseas, and spreading from East Africa and Europe, Chinese porcelain, especially the jingdezhen blue and white porcelain, famous, overseas demand increased a lot. Was not only overseas merchant ships have to quanzhou, and sent people to jingdezhen, hangzhou trafficking porcelain goods such as silks and satins, and many big domestic businessmen of Ming dynasty such as edmond lee, Pan Xiu, Guo Zhen etc, a lot of loading the content out to sales, such as China overseas demand. At that time most of zheng zhi, brother has a merchant ship, seamen’s thousands of people, often to the purchasing of jingdezhen blue and white porcelain, tea, to purchasing silks and satins, zhejiang province, and then sending ships to southeast Asia, Arab, East Africa sales, welcome.

Later, Japan famous ceramic archaeologists three last rate of male scholars in southeast Asia, Africa, investigates the ancient Chinese ceramics output of Asian and African countries to a large number of pieces, the author of “the road to the ceramic, a book,” maritime silk road for ceramic road, is also the international trade route of ancient jingdezhen ceramics.

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