A peculiar recommended pot

Zisha teapot, in our daily life is ordinary but again a daily utensils or ornamental crafts. Have data show that in the tang and song dynasty in China before drinking tea or “pot cooking wine to drink,” the name of “tea” has been observed. The yuan dynasty Zeiss zhan ji garden clump of words, “there’s a record:” under white won a purple sand pot, tea, ‘and implicit cursive five words clearly, as the sun coats relic, each to make tea, quaint.” Zeiss behind in this purple clay pot, obviously not later they say the mouth, with a handle (flow) of pot, but I can see, in accordance with the Zeiss behind to make tea the purple clay pot should be classified as recommended today anyway “ancestor”. Of textual research, in our country currently recognized as one of the earliest Yu Mingchu zisha teapot, have exact MingKuan recommended is fabricated by the Ming dynasty zhengde years for spring gall pot “tree”.
Are recommended due to the components that are rich in iron oxide, therefore made of purple sand teapot has the advantages of good permeability and make tea in the summer day is not spoiled, in addition, adaptation rate is higher, the temperature of the quenching heat is not easy to crack.
Violet arenaceous kettle pot with other various materials is different, have special favor by literati, since ancient times, they or design their own hands, or pot send volunteers, on which the carved mold their favorite poem or flowers, leaves a lot of touching stories and stories. In recent years, with the rise of the nation to collect heat, a recommended by celebrities or has been celebrities used are recommended, quick tens or hundreds of thousands of its market value. This, famous master of the Midas touch, can’t help you don’t believe it.
So far, all are recommended, including a variety of other materials to make pot) in the model, although there are different decorative, plus ca change, however, they are all not consists of pot body, spout, the handle and the lid of the four elements. , it seems, (including hip flask, etc.) the structure and function of the teapot has formed the “golden rule”, no one can cross the stairs.
However, the boundless universe, wide world out there. The author in the spring of this recommended (pictured) caused by its unique function and structure of all the people saw it widely curiosity and praised. This pot of appearance with perfect optical element, no money, concise and easy, delicate violet arenaceous, dark chocolate, patina intact. On the pot of cylindrical body, Angle round; Pot of 9 cm high, 11.5 cm in diameter, diameter 7.2 cm, 16.5 cm from spout to handle maximum width; Cover NiuBian columnar, hollow, spout most close to the pot body, put his hand to grow up and turn. Unlike all are recommended, the pot bottom of the pot is designed to funnel, center model with heat and the smoke effect of cone type hollow tubes through cover button, exquisite workmanship, scientific, practical, and is rare.
According to one circle on the bottom of the pot and there was an obvious signs of fire. By the expert analysis, the pot of the original shall also have a charcoal burning furnace, associated with the pot when making s mid-term early in the morning. In style, the same as the pot Chen Mingyuan system, estimate maker is number one “down” the special requirements of the orientation and the number may be little or no one, so that has not been seen at home and abroad have a pot of the same type.

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