The tea ceremony 6 gentleman

1 teaspoon: tea spoon, shaped like a spoon, the appliance of sheng tea into the pot.
2. ChaZhen: dredge the teapot Intranet, in order to keep the water flow; Or put into the tea with the tea, tea in the bottom, the whole tea in.
3.) : when placing tea on the hukou, to guide the tea into the pot, to prevent falling outside the pot of tea.
4. ChaGa: tea-leaf can be out of the pot holder, or take it to clip cup, hot and health.
5. Tea is: also called ChaBo, is to dig bubble tea, tea in POTS. Or cooperate with TSP, stir the tea into the teapot to use.
6. Tea tin: refers to serving tea art supplies vessels of tea canister.

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