The tea ceremony 24 device

Drinking tea wind prevailing in the tang dynasty, tea drinking by extensive entered the stage of seiko Fried tea boiled tea, the tea art value began to be taken seriously. Liu yu in “the saint” of “four lists the 24 kinds of instruments used in the tang dynasty when the tea things, by understanding these instruments, we have to peep with structure and function of the tang dynasty tea utensils, and can guess drinks the tang dynasty. The following 24 tea in the tang dynasty, how many kind of test your understanding.
The tea ceremony 24 device
The wind furnace
For the fire to boil tea, China five lines of Taoism and Confucianism as the spirit of self-help, to cast iron casting, or fire furnace substitute.
Cabinet (j incarnation)
Cabinet (j incarnation) is charcoal with a bamboo basket, round square shape, about a foot 2 inches high, seven inches in diameter, also have the cases, peripheral with wicker hexagon round eye, after the bottom cover fold bamboo box, built along the smooth.
Carbon developments (tan zhu ā)
Six arrises iron, a foot long, for the broken charcoal.
Fire policy
Also called fire chopsticks. And round and straight, apex flat, take carbon use. How to iron or copper.
鍑 (fu)
Used to boil water tea cooking, like this Japanese tea kettle. In iron, the tang dynasty porcelain stone 鍑 鍑, rich 鍑 with silver.
Make the bed
For cross shaped objects, among the above board to a piece of, a place to house 鍑.
The paper capsule
White, thick cane double sewn into a paper bag, paper used for storing bread baked tea, tea hot after storage, not to discharge its fragrance.
At the end of the run,
The former grinding tea, which will clear away.
Luo, then
ROM is two things, ROM for screening dust with fine sieve, to save dipping, box, ROM used with us. How much is, the amount of tea.
For the small bamboo made a foot 2 inches long, used to clamp baked tea. Small bamboo made ChaGa baked tea when the small bamboo moisture and the aroma of baking at the same time, bamboo fragrance can improve the tea flavor.
The water side
About a bucket to water, storage capacity, which is about 10 liters.
Lu water sac
Used to filter water of boiled tea, with copper, wood and bamboo.
Made with open bottle gourd, useful and wood carving, used to scoop water.
Bamboo pod
A kind of bamboo, mahogany, willow and so on the chopsticks. Ends a foot long, wrap with silver piece of Fried tea to heart of ring blow soup to send tea.
Cuo GUI jie, jie (cuo gu ǐ)
Boil tea in the tang dynasty with adding salt to bitter sweet, Cuo GUI jie (cuo gu ǐ) is put salt in the small pot, generally for circular, there are also like boxes, bottles or jars. Used with jie collocation, jie box made of bamboo salt with small spoon.
Cooked dishes
For the storage of hot water. Tang dynasty boiled tea boiling, pay attention to three a boiling add tea directly after cooking, when two boiling bubble, scoop out in the cooked dishes, three boiling will be boiled water in the jar again into the kettle to call the ‘save boiling “, “education China”.
Is a tool for tea, the tang dynasty is the porcelain, porcelain, in addition to ding states WuZhou porcelain, tang-dynasty trio colored glazed porcelain, porcelain, HongZhou porcelain life of states. With the porcelain for top grade. Tang dynasty bowl footed, partial body.
Scavanger (b ě n)
Used to receive a bowl, bowl with the bowl with specialty paper separated to avoid collision.
Dogwood wood with palm skin strapping into a brush, or a head of the palm peel set up into the building as a pen, used to wash after drinking tea, YangHuBi like now.
Polyester party
Washing basin, can be used for holding wastewater. Method composed of wood split, with water, the same can be eight liters of water.
Slag party
Used to dump wastes, gathering all kinds of sediment.
Popular speak the dishcloth, now says tea towels, made from thick silk, two feet long, usually do two pieces of rotation, to wipe the appliance.
With the column
Used to display the tea, similar to modern wine rack.
All basket
Named after the deep can hold all the appliances. After drinking tea, control store all tea set, ready for the future.
24 device can use mostly the ancients tea, the tea ceremony. With people’s point of view now, drink a cup of tea to so many complicated machinery seems to be difficult to understand. But it seems to the ancients, is to complete a ritual, is the inevitable process of make tea or to fine. With machine process, but also enjoy the process of making soup.

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