The porcelain sample tea cup

Your porcelain modelling of primitive simplicity and easy, with rare agate into glaze, colour and lustre is unique, there are “agate into glaze ancient legend”. Along with light changes, view its glaze color, like “after a storm comes a calm clouds virginity”, “feng bibo attendants to the wonderful, renew of soil body, such as dong body glaze thick and sound such as qing, bright and not harsh. Table is a cicada grain small open, some are “flower pear skin, crab legs, sesame” characteristic, is known as “like a jade, jade, jade and wins”. Since the song, yuan, Ming and qing imperial porcelain with, hidden in the library, as a treasure, and ShangYi tripod than expensive. For rich, known as “not as good as your porcelain piece”.
This sample tea cup jar, round abdomen, mouth along the outer, glaze color pass in the cyan, soft luster jade-like stone embellish burnish, after injection of the beverage, more add a warm, quiet and elegant, and the friends of tea appear natural and graceful, elegant and beautiful.

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