Four methods to identify true and false are recommended

1, the price for reference
Generally people buy recommended are one hundred yuan as the reference point, however, need to remind everybody is, is only a reference price, if you want to bring for collection purposes that the value of more than one hundred yuan, of course, but with one thousand yuan as the unit.
2, from the material identification
Identify the main still should see its ceramic tea-pot true and false materials, feel is exquisite, but not better smooth are recommended, and feels coarse or false mud, or in addition to the problems in a process, you should be careful to buy.
3, see recommended shape
Rare true recommended shape must be unique, not identical, look from the perspective of professional point shape, to see whether the recommended turning point whether smooth, parallel to the height of spout is at the border, whether the water out of the spout pillars, the proportion of each part is harmonious.
4, measure from the density
Recommended density is bigger, you weigh in hand when there will be a kind of massiness, grasp its light and heavy feeling, the less density recommended quality is poor, so can judge the recommended from the weight of true and false.

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