What are the pharmacological properties of tea

Tea to the health of human body function has been recognized. As one of the best health drink, tea has always been loved by people, this is because the people through long-term practice experience of tea drinking, drinking tea can not only enhance nutrition, also can prevent disease.

A, the motherland medicine pharmacological characteristics of tea and the understanding of the health care function.

From shen nong era of dynasty about 4700 years ago, our ancestors fight with nature in order to survive, in the process of looking for food, try all kinds of plants, discovered tea detoxification. Namely the traditional “shen nong tasted grass bouquet, in seventy-two, a day of tea and the solution.” Because of fresh tea leaves are rich in polyphenols, such as composition of sword sex is very strong, has the strong sterilization and detoxification, and so was originally to drink fresh tea leaves, give priority to with medicinal. Tea as a medicinal doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, has a long history. In all previous dynasties medicine monographs, there are many tea and health records, the treatment of various diseases of tea unilaterally, compound, powder, granule abound. In the tang dynasty that is account of “tea”. Such as: tang dynasty Tibetan ware that Chen “tea for the disease of medicine”, Ming often also called “can cure all diseases are tea”.

Tea not only for the treatment of various diseases have effect, but also can prolong life, anti-aging and physical. Compendium of materia medica analysis the pharmacological effects of tea then think: “leaders are not clear, also on the hot. To bitter drain the hot, the qing yi. And frivolous, tea picking, bud tillers incipience, is the breath of spring up. Bitter taste the air is thin, is the Yin Yang, can fall as well as rise. The leader, cover BenZhu here.”

Tea party and agents, is the key to tea therapy. Party unilaterally, compound to blindly tea to prevent and control disease known as monotherapy, tea and a variety of drugs to the prevention and treatment of diseases is the compound. Preparation in general there are three: crushed into fine at the end of a blunt call “powder”, after taking the decoction “native”, preparation for medicine, known as the “herbal tea”.

Recorded on the therapeutic effect of single taste tea, gaumata, China tea classics as “twenty-four effect”, if add merge, there are still 16 kinds of functions: bright eye refreshing, refreshing, clear heat has soared, thirst thirst, disappear fat, gas flux under the bowel, eliminating phlegm to smooth wheezing, stop the water swelling, purge flow field, from ingesting fatigue, functions of detoxification, clean teeth strong teeth, relieve pain, end fistula healing ulcers, bagel, oxygen, longer live. Of which is refreshing and nerves, purge and flow field, tea and other traditional Chinese medicine, has a two-way adjustment role, this for other drinks and chemical synthetic drug are cannot be compared.

Second, the modern medicine knowledge of tea pharmacological characteristics and health care function.

With the deepening of the tea biochemistry research, and development of medical research, modern medicinal active ingredients and pharmacological effects of tea have new insights. Tea contains more than 500 kinds of chemical composition, there are many kinds of chemical composition has a very beneficial effect on human health. Confirmed that is close to the tea and human health has the following five kinds of main ingredients: caffeine and polyphenols compounds, vitamins, mineral elements, amino acids. In addition also contains the active ingredient in some minor, although content is not high, has a unique efficacy.

Drinking tea is good for your health, modern science study found tea mainly has the following functions:

(1) the tea polyphenols is a kind of highly effective free radical scavenger, is the bodyguard that human health; Tea polyphenols has a strong resistance to oxidation and biological activities, is human body free radical scavenger. According to related departments to study proved that 1 mg tea polyphenols remove to human body harmful excess free radicals efficiency is equivalent to 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase (SOD), compared with other similar material. Tea polyphenols have blocking lipid peroxidation, clear the role of the active enzyme.

(2) the tea is a good immune regulator. China, the former Soviet union, Japan, France and other scientists of the research results prove that the tea of lipopolysaccharide has protect hematopoietic function, the effect of treatment of radiation sickness, with the amount of fat polysaccharide plants after injection of the human body, in a short time can enhance the non-specific immunity of the body;

(3) have the function of the resistance to radiation damage, it is a long-term exposure to radiation “screen”, the nuclear industry workers, doctors, the patron saint of flight personnel; Tea polyphenols and their oxidation products with obvious absorption of radioactive strontium 90 and cobalt 60. Clinical trials according to the medical department confirmed that in the process of radiotherapy in patients with tumor caused by mild radiation sickness, with the tea extract treatment, efficient can reach more than 90%; Treatment of red blood cells reduce disease, tea extract effective by 81.7%; On leukopenia caused by radiation and radiation therapy effect is better.

(4) can effectively inhibit carcinogens epicuticular violations of the human body, restrain and kill some cancer cells, but also avoid the side effects of some anticancer drugs; Tea polyphenols can block synthesis of nitrite and other carcinogens in the body, and capable of directly kill cancer cells and improve the body’s immune function. According to test results of Beijing medical university in 1988, lingyun baekho tea of nitroso compound carcinogenic block has the obvious effect, block rate is as high as 94%. According to relevant data show that the tea polyphenols (mainly catechin compounds), for gastric cancer, colon cancer and other cancers have prevention and auxiliary treatment effect.

(5) the tea polyphenols have the effect of the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, tea polyphenols on the human body fat metabolism plays an important role. Human body of cholesterol and triglycerides content high, the lining of blood vessels of fat deposition, vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation after the formation of atherosclerosis plaques and other cardiovascular diseases. Tea polyphenols, in particular catechins in tea polyphenols EGCG, EGC and theaflavins oxidation products, etc., help to make this kind of porphyritic hyperplasia is restrained, make blood clot formed enhanced viscosity reduced fibrinogen, blood coagulation clearing, thus inhibiting atherosclerosis.

(6) tea polyphenols harm human body to the variety of the bacteria, virus kill and inhibition, can remove heavy metal ions and nicotine poisoning on the human body, for some chromosome mutagen damage have a protective effect, still can slow down the ageing, reduce the elderly frequently-occurring disease.

(7) help beauty, tea polyphenols is water soluble substances, wash your face with it can remove facial fat, convergence pores, with disinfection, sterilization, resist skin aging, reduce the ultraviolet ray in sunshine radiation damage to the skin effect and so on.

(8) the caffeine and aromatic substances in tea can excited senior nerve centre, energizing, quick mind, the tea extract and fatigue and protect the brain tissue.

(9) tea helps diuresis of weakness, the tea in the tea polyphenols and caffeine can neutralize alcohol, the alcohol excretion in vitro, is ingesting. Effective resistance agent of tea caffeine and nicotine, drinking tea can be more toxic nicotine decomposition, eduction body outside, so drinking tea can remove the poison of alcohol and tobacco. Caffeine in tea is a kind of high content of tea alkaloids, 2 ~ 4%, that of 150 ml per cup of the beverage has 40 mg of caffeine, is a kind of central nervous system stimulant, stimulation of the kidney, prompting urine eduction body outside, rapidly improve the leaching rate of kidney, to reduce the harmful material residence time in the kidney. Caffeine can also expel excess lactic acid in the urine, helps the body eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.

Vitamins are essential nutrient element for human body to maintain normal metabolic function, in body tissues can’t synthesis by oneself, must be obtained from the diet. The vitamin in the tea not only high content, and variety, most of them at the vitamin C, 100 grams of dried tea in the content of 100-500 mg, than the same amount of lemon, pineapple, apples, oranges, the content, vitamin C will cure scurvy, strengthen resistance, promote wound healing. Vitamin B1 content higher than vegetables, can maintain nerve, heart, and digestive functions. B2 10-20 milligrams per 100 grams of dried tea, drinking five cups of tea, can meet the requirement of the human body 5 ~ 7%, can strengthen the elasticity of the skin and maintain the function of the retina. A large amount of folic acid bl1 nucleotide biosynthesis and fat metabolism can be involved in the human body. E is an antioxidant, anti-aging effect. K can promote liver prothrombin. Mineral elements phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, sulfur and fluorine contents for an average of 100-100 PPM. Help prevent tooth decay and prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in the elderly. The tea contains selenium element up to 3.8 PPM, anti-cancer and preventing keshan disease. There are as many as 25 kinds of amino acids, tea tea accounted for more than 50% of the total amino acid. Theanine has a strong heart, diuresis, dilate blood vessels, relaxing smooth muscle of bronchus and role. Cis – jasmone jasmine incense is the main component, has the pharmacological effects such as the muscle contraction and blood pressure, is a special function in preventing cardiovascular disease. Combined with tea and have the effect, so drink jasmine tea has a good health care efficacy.

In addition to the main role, tea can also prevent the formation of bravery, kidney, bladder stones, treat a cold and bronchitis, prevent gout, treatment of iron deficiency anemia, prevention and treatment of various kinds of vitamin deficiency, prevention of mucous membrane, gums bleeding, edema, retinal hemorrhage, and thyroid function hyperfunction. Chew dry tea can reduce pregnancy, vomiting and motion sickness, seasickness.

Above all, tea is the treasure of medicine, Chinese medicine and modern medicine pharmacological effects of tea and its relationship with human health is worth our earnest inheritance development, summary, in order to better service to human health.

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