How to observe tea appearance

Review shapes include “wet see shape, dry leaves”.

Dry shape: grasp a handful of tea leaves scatter, make all exposed to the eyes, from the shape, size, colour and lustre, review the quality of the dry tea leaves. Good quality tea, required to be in shape, size, colour and lustre is consistent. Shape consistent (cone are cone; flat shape is flat; strip to strip), shows that high tea processing technology, picking specification strictly. Same size (cone of each grain size; the same equal thickness of flat shape; the length of the strip symmetry), show the same fresh leaves of picking a bud several Ye Quan, work fine, tea consistent size. Colour and lustre is consistent (tea color need tea tree varieties, picking tea garden, under the premise of three elements such as color of leaves is consistent, plus the excellent work, its colour and lustre is consistent), suggests that “three are the same, and good work”.

The shade of the dry tea leaves vary greatly depending on different tea. In green tea, for example: color with yellow and green best () of all show that chlorophyll can dissolve in the beverage, time for light green, dark green is the worst. Tender green tea green color oil moisten, have look; Tenderness, is a bit poor, color green with dark; Older, green belt is dark in color. In addition, good tea strip coil tightly, appearance beautiful curly, roundy heavy solid, complete YunJi, surface oil moisten, clean, do not contain wood fiber, powder and sundry.

In the shape of the review, review the tea tenderness, also is the key. Tender degree good, the cable tight knot, color, clarity or to mix well; Tenderness, poor, cords thick loose, flower color, clarity is poor.

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