How to observe color tea

The review is to dry the tea color appearance, wet suspensions soup and bottom color. From identify the tea color and luster, can understand the quality of the tea, whether is excellent.

Dry the tea color: tea in addition to see color, but also from the outward appearance luster to identify. Uniform luster, Ming unscathed, light, fresh leaves tender, system work well; Uneven gloss, bright light, bright elymus uneven, or could be made “overcome” caused by uneven; And matt dark dry, fresh leaf coarse old shows, or is bad mood.

Wet the tea liquor color: the color of tea liquor with fresh, clean, bright, for top grade. Every tea liquor turbidity dark color, the shallow, is the poor quality of the tea. The depth of the tang, opacity associated with taste. General color deep flavor is thick, the color is light shallow taste. The quality of fresh leaves, method of coarse and storage the appropriateness, significantly influence the depth of the tea soup tang, QingZhuo Chen, fresh, light and shade. After tea liquor brewing, with in a short time looked into top grade.

In green tea, for example: tang in green, for the best, the time for dark green, light green, yellow, green is the worst. Tang clear, without precipitation, without suspended matter, looked bright, tea soup is bright. Green looked mostly is clear and bright; Less dark green looked more clear, bright; Shallow green looked mostly clear and bright; Yellow green looked for the most part without clear and bright. Poor black tea tea liquor color sink dark soy sauce soup.

Different tea tea liquor color, such as lushan mist tea, huangshan maofeng tea, DouYun maojian tea and so on, looked is light green clear; Tieguanyin tea of tang golden colored; Longjing tea and high curative value looked green; Wuyi rock tea of tang the clear yellow; Tang sehong bright qiinen black tea; Yunnan DianGong looked red thick and bright; White peony (white) looked pale apricot, comely but person; Fine puer tea brown purple of rinsing and mellow; Scented tea looked pale orange yellow and bright, etc.

Evaluation of tender and old leaves, also available fingers press pressure bottom. General with soft inelastic said tender leaves, and hard and coarse elastic said old. In terms of green tea, and to young shoots and leaves mesophyll thick soft even, bright color is good, but hard thin leaf, grey color, red stems of red leaves for the poor.

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