How to identify the beverage taste

Tea liquor flavor is sweet, bitter, astringent, sour, fresh, and so on.

You have small bitter feeling good green tea, early entry, larynx, frank is current, without any bad taste, there are lingering fragrance after throat mouth.

The flavor of the tea soup is normal not bitter, for good, high aroma of tea and tea. Good tea, its taste bitter and then sweet, first time for after the bitter sweet, not before pleasure and suffering is the worst.

A brew tea soup, don’t swallow throat entrance, walk around and gulp pointed that spit out two or three times, and should not be too long.

The fire work of making tea with tea flavor also have relations, tea has a focal flavour, fire work too old; Low aroma, light, fire work; Temperature moderate tea, taste is also beautiful.

Grade tea with fresh and sweet the mei, crisp, fresh, pure and strong acerbity, smell is the worst.

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