What kinds of methods of identification of fresh tea

Many ordinary tea lovers of old and new to identify the tea has the certain difficulty, especially introduces the identification of fresh tea for this three kinds of methods:
First of all from color to distinguish. Fresh tea color, bright green, let a person look at uncomfortable old is tarnished, black tea, green at a discount. For example, like green tea, fresh tea is green green color, tang yellow green and bright, while the old tea dry ash light color; Similarly new red tan zeeuw embellish, tang red orange light, long after the tea polyphenols causes oxidative condensation, can make the color gray, and brown pigment increased, also can make tang become muddiness, also will lose the new black tea freshness.

Secondly smelling aroma distinguish between old and new tea. Full-bodied fragrance, fresh and natural fresh tea, light fragrance, lack of freshness is, of course, the old tea. Tea in the process of storage, the material will continue to evaporate, slow oxidation. As the extension of time, therefore, the fragrance of the tea will change from strong to weak, by fresh tea fragrance fragrance of scent will become low frowsty cloudy.

The third to identify tea. Fresh tea entrance and light faint scent, slightly bitter, astringent mellow fresh. While the old tea light and happy. Because in the process of storage, the tea of phenolic compounds, amino acids, vitamins, etc of taste qualities, some decomposition of volatile, some condensed into a substance does not dissolve in water, to reduce the effective flavor substances dissolves in the beverage.

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