The Chinese tea drinking method has a history of how culture

Drink tea, for China, has a history of thousands of drinking method after many improvements, but with the development of science and technology, people method of tea drinking and tea technology and tea practice gradually evolved is the evolution of the four great history. Let’s take a look at how evolution of Chinese history of tea drinking.

First stage: Fried drink method

Fried drink method is the most early used as a way of tea drinking. When our ancestors was a primitive tribe, production capacity is very low, often hungry, found no toxic reaction of camellia sinensis leaves after eating, after eating tea leaves used to dinner, but in that case, didn’t see the tea color, fragrance, taste, can only be said to be used as food to eat.

Until it has been found that tea can not only quench thirst, can also make a person excited, keep spirit, also can remove a lot of disease, began to make a distinction between tea and bread. Used to cure diseases. This is a stage of the tea and tea for people, for this time of the tea is medicine. Scarcity value, so often used as a sacrifice to the goods.

The second stage: drink soup

From qin dynasty to han period, the tea begins to be a person from a drug transit into a drink. During that period of drinking method, like shanhaijing summarized in his book “, said: “tea boiled soup to drink” is, boil tea, also need to add the millet and other seasonings, cook porridge. Until the tang dynasty. There are a lot of people are using this method to tea drinking method. Yuan area of national minorities in China and now still keep of the tea drinking habit. So they are still in the tea juice into other food.
The third stage: drink pulping method

Tea became popular in the tang dynasty to the song dynasty is very fine, The Three Kingdoms period of wei Zhang Yi recorded in “guang ya” : “leaf picking between jing ba made cakes. Old man, with rice cream cake into out. To boil tea drink, main make red mark first, dao, porcelain, with soup poured away, with onion, ginger, orange pen. The drink, not sleep.” Have the effect of tea making and drinking. At a time when mining under the fresh tea, first made into a pie, to drink again pounded, use boiling water. Just like they did at today’s drink brick tea technique. It should be said that from the former method. Now in the soup: out of tea, still need to add “healing, ginger, orange” such as mixing, thus from drink soup to drink method. This illustrates the method of drinking tea was already in the period of change. Pure tea brewing, dubbed the “qing ling Ming” in the tang dynasty. A cup of tea, and then chewing tea, slowly taste the flavor, will be able to obtain and enjoy. And the people in the song dynasty is given priority to with clear tea drink, in addition to remote areas, drink soup method is hard to see.

The fourth stage: the whole Ye Chong bubble method

This drink, began in the tang dynasty to the Ming and qing dynasties era. In the tang dynasty people invented the method of steaming green tea, the buds of spring just hair. After steam curing, made loose tea. When drinking with all Ye Chong bubble. When drinking tea in the way that a step forward again. The quality of the tea is very good. Drink and pleasant. Caused most of the tea lovers of great interest. In order to distinguish the quality of tea is good. The contemporary people has created a set of method of review of tea quality. And the song dynasty trituration drink with full Ye Chong bubble method is present. Until the Ming dynasty, the method of tea is given priority to with loose tea came into being in the trend of drinking method is basically is given priority to with the whole Ye Chong bubble. And the method is the same in today’s people drink tea.

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