Kombucha tea how to chip off

Fujian, love tea, fujian famous “kunfu tea”. To drink kungfu tea, you must have a set of exquisite exquisite pocket tea set, including violet sand earthenware pot, the size of a walnut fine porcelain cup and pot of boiled water; Kunfu tea is oolong tea, such as tieguanyin, narcissus and phoenix tea, etc., and the phoenix tea and daffodils, green at the bottom of phnom penh, can borrow less production, so the brewing kombucha tea in general is tieguanyin.

The tea

People know that tea, tea can be divided into three broad categories such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea. Tea tree itself is not big different, the different is the only method of tea. Green tea is not fermented, saved more vitamin C, such as longjing, maojian tea, “biluochun”; Black tea is fermented, vitamin C is broken, but volatile, tea, like qiinen black tea, yunnan pu-erh tea, etc.; Oolong tea is semi-fermented, the beauty of both red and green tea.

Bubble kunfu tea exquisite “high impact low pour”, high shock can turn the tea and rushed to the above, the impurities in the lid to shave off; Low pour can ensure that won’t go sweet tea. The entire program is boiling water first installed seven eighty percent tea into the teapot, the first bubble of water to wash the tea; The second bubble boiling water rushed into the pot, the lid tightly, use boiling water to douse the teapot again, to increase the quantity of heat, make tea get out fast.

Oolong tea production process is complicated, so the country can still only can fujian and chaoshan. Required only out of oolong tea kungfu tea color, aroma and taste. Kombucha tea is famous for its high concentration, drink a bit at the beginning of the bitter, habits after think other tea taste enough.

Moisture third-class

Blunt tea natural without water, liu yu wrote in “the saint” : “on the water, with landscape, water, well water.” Tianshui is, of course, the most excellent, refers to the melted snow, dew, etc. Once wrote in a dream of red mansions by cao xueqin in five years ago in the plum flower taking snow tea to drink, is the tea water to acme, this tea is not just about style, is extremely costly.

Before the rich will be the first ray of light in the morning before collected with bamboo tube and vessels to a trickle, it is said that the sun came out before the water is negative, the tea more fragrant. What take an examination of kung fu! Modern research has said that the water in the nature only rain and snow is pure water softening, and indeed we make tea in a soft water can make tang ching, smell fragrant.

Refers to the mountain spring water, and also depending on the soil into soil, sand, shale, etc. Sandy is the best, the sand filter.

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