How to preserve all kinds of tea have different

Tea, has now become a welcome both at home and abroad, but the tea if improperly stored, especially easy to cause wet, even in high temperature and high humidity, sunshine and oxygen plenty of cases, will also accelerate the deterioration of tea ingredients, so as to reduce the quality of tea, so tea aging metamorphism occurred in a short time. Like every year the new color of green tea and aged pu-erh tea for a long time this kind of value does not poor, need a good save more.

High quality green tea: green tea known as fermentation of the tea
Its high fragrance, green, form beauty, resistant to brew, but it is also the most easy to aging metamorphism in tea tea, when over five percent water content of green tea, metamorphic occurs, which affects its quality and taste. So in the preservation of green tea should be sealed cases as far as possible to reduce its storage time, the best finish drinking in a month. If the situation does not allow, can proper pass a small amount of desiccant or quick lime packing sound. Placed in a cool and dry environment. The best placed in the refrigerator after sealing, so can prolong the retention period of the tea

Jasmine tea, jasmine tea belongs to green tea processed tea varieties.

Compared with green tea, water content is high, easy to cause deterioration. So the family stored jasmine tea should choose appropriate the hidden method at low temperature. Put the tea in a cool place, prevent sun point-blank, otherwise will accelerate oxidation, cause discoloration stale. Save method as well as green tea. After sealing place ice box, temperature control to the best in the following five degrees. Can store more than a year.

Black tea and oolong tea: black tea is fully fermented tea, so relatively green tea is kept for a longer shelf life, preservation method also can be rough, because they are aging metamorphism slower, more easily stored, and avoid sunlight, high temperature and smell, can save a long time. Sometimes, as long as it is environmental humidity is not very big, not so sealed containers can also collect. But cannot be kept for more than three years, more than three years later will have lost the original black tea aroma.

Puer tea: for class on tea, puer tea belongs to the easiest way to store tea classes. And the longer the more fragrant.
Puer tea for location is not picky, just put the tea into the pot or ceramics, crock mouth don’t seal, covered a layer of kraft paper covered in dust. For compression, drinking tea, can remove its outsourcing paper first, the whole piece of peel, break up, put in jars to in addition to Chen, according to specific tea time from weeks to two months. Wake up good tea with a paper bag, put in jars, in order to drink at any time.

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