What tea is the nickname

GanHou – this story comes from don Sun Qiao focal punishments and book. The book has a record: “late GanHou 15 people, sent shi JiGe. This ACTS mind please ray for both water and worship, cover jianyang danehill land of clear water, jian dragon, cosmetics not base.”
Polyester vexed sub – this story comes from don Chang Boxiong “in tea cooking zhang”. “Fill in the tang dynasty history” said: “lu male with the west, often in tea cooking zhang. Asked him: ‘what?’ said: ‘the polyester vexed cure thirst, the so-called tea also.’ for call tea is polyester vexed.” ShiJianWu has did: “tea for polyester vexed, wine to forget Xia Jun”.
Tea art
Tea art

After his – this story comes from south, Shang Yue “ode to his”. , “said the journal record clear vision Shang Yue sen” ode, cover the tea also. Just call: drink and solemnity, strict in teeth, a long Gang limb solemnity. Ambiguous, not cooked soup ou state, who can eyes.”

Qing friends – this story comes from the song, Su Yijian “four four spectrum”. The things different directory “four four spectrum” yue: “leaves happy character, Mr Yu chuan. Qing,” tea “. Not tea poem: “bamboo wrapped delay of black friends, the wind by the sunset.”

Rest the kam – this story comes from the song lee Fu the weft wen suo language: “he olive is the basic, also called tea as the basic. Because of the easy word, renamed gann tea for rest, avoid ambiguous also.”

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