What kind of tea is the hui’s “tea”

Hui’s “tea” is a kind of GaiWanCha, is GaiWanCha put sugar. GaiWanCha because of different ingredients have different tea, brick tea such as brown sugar, white sugar, tea, rock candy’s tea, etc.

The hui nationality
What kind of tea is the hui’s “tea”?

“GaiWanCha”, hui traditional tea drinking customs. Chengdu first invented and unique. So-called GaiWanCha, including tea, teapots, tea vessel three parts, therefore calls tureen or three fort. Tea ship son, also called tea boat that inherit the shards of the saucer. It was said that DE ZongJianZhong in the tang dynasty years (780-783) by give our legend of China women invented in chengdu. Because the original cup without substrate, often burned his fingers, then legend, son of China think of opportunely developed wooden tray retainer to cups. In order to prevent the tea cup is easy to dump, she managed to wax will be in the centre of the disc ring a ring, to facilitate fixed glass. This is the earliest tea boat. And tea ships use QiHuan instead of wax ring ChenBian everyone. To ring at the end of future generations to do more and more novel, the shape of bigotry, like a ring at the bottom of cup. A unique tea culture, also called GaiWanCha culture, was born in chengdu area. The special way of drinking tea from the point of bashu to gradually infiltrating development around the region, the later is in in the south.

And its special about sichuan people use tea cover: tea, tea cover on the desktop, said empty cups, tea doctor will soon come to refill water; From the temporary leave, put tea cover button above bamboo chair, said people did not go far, youth, namely natural nobody will occupy a seat, runners will also tea and snacks to watch. Dr Tea tea skills, as well as sichuan teahouse a unique scenery line. Water column airport and drop spilled into the bowl, billow sound; Moment between, screeching halt, tea bowl in the flush, bowl outside without a drop of water, is a tour DE force, is the enjoyment of art.

Hui tureen also called three fort. For water tureen by tray, bell bowl and tea cover three parts, therefore calls tureen or three fort. GaiWanCha because of different ingredients have different tea, brick tea such as brown sugar, white sugar, tea, rock candy’s tea, etc. Alors, pauvre con, va, with water brew. Tea for the guests, before eating. When you pour tea in front of the guests, will uncover bowl cover and put into the tea, then blunt water sealed, both hands to send, show respect for the guest.


General brick tea with brown sugar, white sugar tea, rock candy’s tea, three sweet tea, tea, sugar, longan), spiced tea, sugar, tea, longan, raisins, dried apricots), sweet tea, red jujube, Chinese wolfberry, walnut kernel, longan, sesame, raisins, sugar, tea), etc. Hui exquisite tea, think with snow, spring tea best.


Usually according to different seasons and different tea for their own physical condition. Summer more jasmine tea, green tea, winter drink shan oolong tea. Cold and stomach drink brick tea, brown sugar and negative food drink sugar tea, drink clear heat leakage fire rock candy’s tea, refreshing invigorating qi, eyesight profit, strengthen the jianwei, prolong life drinks tea. When drinking GaiWanCha, with tray hold a bowl with lid “scrape” a few times, thick thick. Then put the lid was built a little tilt, smoking a drink with my mouth. Can’t take off the lid of the above to float above the tea, can’t pinocytosis in succession. To drink a bite. When drink a cup would also like to drink, the bottom of the bowl like to leave a little water, cannot drink.

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