What kind of tea is great

Drink gourmet fashion, in the han nationality living areas, can be seen everywhere, especially in the boulevard, transport dock, halfway pavilion, until the workshop site, field work, are common. This tea custom in the most popular in the north of China, especially in the early years Beijing great tea bowl gourmet, but also all the mofa, now the Chinese and foreign famous gourmet store in Beijing, is a holdover from naming.

What kind of tea is great?
What kind of tea is great?

As a multi-purpose big pot of brewing, or bottled tea, large bowl of drink, steaming, refreshing thirst, it would produce natural. This kind of green tea a bowl, just drink to drink, do not need to artificial way of drinking tea, although they are straightforward, there is quite a “game”, but it at random, without building, hall, pavilion, the decoration is very convenient also, a table and a few stools, only several porcelain bowl can, therefore, it often takes the form of tea stall or tea, main thirst for past guests a nap.

Great tea due to close to the society, life and close to the people, nature is great. Even today, constantly improve and improve the living conditions, as it may still be an important way of tea drinking.

Great tea, popular in the liberation period of old Beijing, there are two kinds of tea, one kind is Fried tea, which put the tea in boiling water direct ordeals;

Also is a kind of special tea, is by the big bowl containing brewed tea sealed glass waiting for passing on the thirsty traveller. A cup of tea when a group of 5 people, share a big bowl. In general is 2 cents a bowl. Great tea culture with the pure s produce, along with the development of the era, this kind of culture is gradually replaced by all kinds of soda fountain.

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