What is the earliest tea in the history of tea

Green tea is the first in the history of tea. Ancient human wild tea tree bud dry leaf collection, can be regarded as the beginning of the green tea processing, dating back at least three thousand years of history. But in the true sense of green tea processing, from the 8th century invented, steamed green manufacturing method to the 12th century and invention of traditional manufacturing method of green tea processing technology has been more mature, has been in use today, and constantly improve.
Of most green tea is the tea tea, wine distribution in a tea-producing provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, with zhejiang, anhui, jiangxi hoped the highest yield, optimal quality, is the base of green tea production in China. In the international market, China’s green tea accounts for more than 70% of international trade, sales in north Africa, west Africa and method, the United States and Afghanistan and so on more than 50 countries and regions. Green tea in the international market sales accounted for more than a third of the total sale in domestic market. At the same time, green tea is the main raw material of production of scented tea.

Green tea
Green tea

The characteristics of green tea

Green tea is also called the fermented tea. With appropriate tea new shoots as raw material, after editing, rolling and drying tea made of typical process. After dried tea color and brewing tea soup, give priority to tone with green leaves, and so the name.
The characteristics of green tea, the more kept fresh leaves in natural substances. Of tea polyphenols, caffeine to retain more than 85% of the fresh leaves, chlorophyll retain 50%, vitamin loss is less, thus formed the green tea taste “clear soup green leaves, strong convergence” characteristics. The latest scientific research results show that retains the natural substance constituents of green tea to prevent aging, prevent cancer, anticancer, has the special effect such as sterilization, anti-inflammatory, for less than other tea. Chinese green tea, the most famous brand, not only the aroma high, quality excellent, and the modelling is unique, has the high art appreciation value. Green tea according to its different method of filming for the dry and, generally divided into traditional, baked green, green and steamed green green tea.
Types of green tea

The west lake longjing. Mephentermine tea; Dongting “biluochun”; Gu Zhuzi tea; Wuzi fairy fine long hair; Huangshan maofeng tea; Xinyang maojian tea. The past decade gunpower; Bao hong tea; Shangrao bridled. Jingshan tea; Emei bamboo; Nanan shiting green; Face upwards the snow green; Mengding tea; ChongXi HuoQing; The cactus tea; Tianshan mountain green tea; Yongchuan show bud; Hugh unscrew the rose; Enshi high curative value; DouYun maojian tea; Dove pit maojian tea; GuiPing xishan tea; The old bamboo is easy; Spring post fai white; Eyebrow tea; Anji white piece; Nanjing made yuhua district tea; JingTing green snow; Buddha gong bud; Beach tea; Ssangyong needles; Taiping monkey chief; The source of tea; Gorge state brigitte peak; Qinba fog fine long hair; Civilized tendrils; Lushan clouds; We also pine needles; Day cast snow bud; Ziyang maojian tea; Jiangshan green peony; Luan GuaPian; Takahashi silver peak; Yunfeng and PAM fine long hair; Han river silver shuttle; Yunnan white hair; Zunyi maofeng tea; Jiu hua maofeng tea; WuGaiShan m tea; Sloping green; ShaoFeng; The ancient law of tea; ShuCheng orchids; Blue cloud state; Small cloth rock tea; China top clouds; Nanshan white bud; Sky column sword fine long hair; Whangee pekoe; Mago tea; CheYunShan maojian tea; Guilin maojian tea; Building heart bracteal leaf tea; Red states amur cork tree tea; Build maojian tea; Gangbei maojian tea; East lake silver fine long hair; On maojian tea; Dragon tea; Green turtle rock; Wuxi tea; Our exquisite tea; Temmoku green roof; New jiang feather tea; The goldwater cui peak; Jintan sparrow tongue; The zhangs maojian tea; Double well green; Weeks while the iron is hot tea; Filled with pale green; Before the peak snow lotus; The lions silver bud; Yueqing maofeng tea; Kowloon tea; Emei maofeng tea; Nan shan life of eyebrow; Hunan wave green; Sun-dried green; Rock green; Mengding dew; Seocho chief; Beyond the circle of tea; Putuo Buddha tea; Xuefeng maojian tea; Qingcheng mountain snow bud; Treasure top green tea; Longzhong tea; SongYang silver monkey; Longyan inclined back tea; Mellon tea; Lanxi maofeng tea; Alfred chuang maojian tea; The sea of clouds has white hair; Lotus nut tea; Jin Shancui bud; I core; Cattle for tea; Buddha tea; Set cloud tea; Tianchi nameplates, fine long hair; Tongtian rock tea; Lingyun white tea; Steamed green tea frying; Yunlin tea; Disk AnYunFeng; Green jade spring ma tea; East white trees; The white crown. Thousand island jade leaf; Qingxi jade bud; Saving Lin tea; Xianju green; Seven round hall green tea; Nanyue clouds tea; Mark cui hua tea; Mae Jiang Cui slices. Cui screw; Pit pit tea; Yuyao waterfall tea; Zhon mountain snow green; Chess cloud; Huaguo mountain cloud tea; Hook chopped narcissus tea; The local silver monkey; Sumie cloud needle.

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