What is ginseng oolong tea

People ask what is ginseng oolong tea? Ginseng oolong tea belongs to the kungfu tea, from Taiwan to the mainland, since it has the taste, the name of the tea industry and general, ginseng oolong tea is a kind of Taiwan, not China tea. It has another beautiful name, called the “noble”.
Legend for tea, ginseng oolong tea is a Chinese imperial palace is designed drink offerings for the emperor five hundred years ago, has a history of several thousand years. According to “compendium gleanings” reporter: “the west countries, also in the future, conference semifinals flavour GanWen non-toxic, improving eyesight memorization, heart.” Modern Chinese herbal medicine study proved that the grass has runfei cough, kidney, dehumidification.

Ginseng oolong tea is in fine oolong tea with ginseng processing, refined but become, namely retained oolong mellow aftertaste, and joined the American ginseng filling and sweet, fragrant, entrance oneself tongue, delicious. With refreshing, beauty fat loss function, prevention of coronary heart disease and prolong life. Is a rare natural health drink. Its sweet taste is unique, aftertaste making a person is boundless. Oolong tea taste glycol, ginseng nourishing effect, often drink this tea can taste the tea fragrance, but also to longevity health role.

What is ginseng oolong tea? In that case, ginseng oolong tea is best in high mountain oolong tea, you can buy some ginseng oolong tea home when you are free to taste.

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