What factors affect the quality of tea

Tea raw materials refers to the fresh tea leaves, tea of good quality controlled by the quality of fresh leaves of soil is the largest. If the quality of fresh leaves itself is bad, let you how clever technology, also hard to into market. But such as fresh leaf quality is good, the bad and manufacturing technology, the nature is also of no help. Good cooperation is based on both is needed.
Basic factors influencing the fresh tea leaf quality, suitable for tea tree growth area, soil, weather, season, tea plant varieties, as well as the cultivation methods such as fertilizer, mow, plant diseases and insect pests, and picking and so on, have a direct impact.
The land and the tea quality

Both in fujian and Taiwan, the production of oolong tea with good package of kinds of tea areas, mountains or more generally of the mountain. Elegant nobility of wuyi rock tea, is a high elevation six hundred and fifty meters, known as BaMin wuyi mountain ridge. Famous anxi tieguanyin tea, tea produced in real best. Real also belong to the mountains of anxi. Taiwan oolong tea bag kind of famous tea production areas, wenshan district in Taipei county, hsinchu county, bamboo, bamboo, miaoli county, south east of Mr. Tian Lao, such as tea tree is cultivated in the mountain, the mountain at an altitude of four hundred meters or more. It serves to show appropriate high mountain, can produce fine tea. Fact, born in mountain area of tea, make tea aroma is often high. Originated in the tea mountain slope land, because of the climate environment and technique result, its soft, made of oolong tea or package of dark brown, aroma, taste and shape are good. Born in the ground of the tea, make tea, shape is a bit thick, aroma, taste is thinner, general quality. Therefore, the effects of topography tea quality is apparently very thing.

Soil quality and the quality of fresh tea leaves a lot to do, production of buds with yellow clay, petioles short, thin, mesophyll, made of a good quality of the tea fragrance. Barrens production tea leaf quality but a little hard, made tea quality has a tendency to an indication too strong. Fertile land of tea production, leaves large, soft, products taste great, but if too much nitrogen mass maps, will inevitably affect the dark color and aroma of finished goods lift up. Generally speaking, the soil belongs to the tertiary level, is a fine red sandy clay soil, production of tea tree, its made of oolong tea and package tea quality are better. Good produce with Taiwan oolong tea area and package tea area, such as the Taipei county of wenshan, nangang, sea mountain area, and have a place for the central mountain range, by guan xixi across the bamboo in hsinchu county, baoshan, emei, miaoli, head east house, three mountain area on the righteous, both of tertiary tertiary stratum land, produce good oolong tea bag tea. Volcanic series, such as Taiwan freshwater area part of the land belongs to the one of keelung area, oolong tea and package, from the quality all are. Is a diluvium ocher, tea quality YouXun, no area linkou, Taiwan land belongs to the flat top tower, in this region, difficult to produce good quality oolong tea.
The light and the quality of tea

The intensity of sunlight is rather large, affect the growth of tea tree has close relationship with tea quality. System of the green tea fresh leaf to moderate light, making slightly second bag tea, oolong tea and black tea fresh leaf, to the birth of a strong sunlight, it made the tea party as well. Strong sunlight region, probably of fertility, of fresh tea leaves section short and small. On the other hand, the sunlight weak areas, the birth of fresh leaves, leaves large, long day. So Taiwan tea quality can compare the good in the summer, is affected by light. Good wuyi oolong tea and anxi tieguanyin is also made of early summer in more. Fresh leaves in the shade of fertility, though tea piece slightly larger, mesophyll thin and soft, made tea, dried tea with a young black color, aroma, light quality is bad. And continuous rain, make the tea, its quality is poor, pushing its reason, also because of the light. Harvest time of morning and evening, with the reason of affecting tea quality were also. In the manufacture of fine oolong tea or package types of tea, usually in the morning dew wet picking, because in this period of time made of picking tea, will bring cyan color, light fragrance. And inspire big 10:00 am to 3 PM, by picking the fresh leaves, made tea, general quality is good. Dry tea are a treasure to colour and rich glossy color and aroma taste are good, the reason is because of the fresh leaf water content and other relations, but due to the effects of the sun is one of the reasons.
Season with tea quality

Fresh spring growth of leaves, leaf is more thick, hypertrophy and soft, moisture content of more, made in Taiwan with fresh leaf spring and steamed tea, black tea except tea ShenTiao cable is beautiful, quality are rare ideal. But it is suitable for making bag tea or green tea. This fresh for manufacture of black tea and oolong tea leaves are wilting, the water level must be more also. , used to make tea and green tea as the fresh leaves of water than the manufacture of oolong tea and black tea can be less, than that using the appropriate manufacturing. Quality is better.

Growth of tea in summer, leaves small, slightly hard, the most suitable for manufacture of oolong tea and black tea, the salty quality, strong color, aroma, taste of strong, colour and lustre is bold. But manufacturing bag tea or green tea, but taste is bitter, to win market.

To fall into the tea, its quality between spring and summer, to pack tea green tea is good, but is made of black tea or oolong tea, such as technical process properly, can still make good of the finished product. To the tea from the late autumn and early winter, leaves smaller, hardening, made the tea color and fragrance, are weak, appearance also is bulky, difficult to made.
Fresh leaf water and tea quality

The amount of moisture content in fresh leaves, also good bad directly affect the quality of tea. And how much is due to the tea tree water points in tea varieties, fertility soil, weather, and sooner or later that day picking several different reasons. Varieties leaves large and fat, usually water content. Fertility in damp mountain pit, fresh leaf water content as well. Rainy days picking, its fresh leaves contained more water, is self-evident. Again in the morning dew wet pickers, its water content also. The manufacture oolong tea with the bag of tea affect its quality is rather large, so the two kinds of tea are part of the fermentation of tea, when processing the withering and fermentation, the fresh leaves can control is appropriate, is very important. Water normally leaves hypertrophy and soft, made its appearance quality considerations, but see difference. Less water and fiber content in dry matter quantity, can be made into beautiful appearance of senior oolong. And moisture content, appropriate quality, the average is good.
Fertilizer management and quality of tea

Tea tree fertilization, affect the growth of tea tree and tea quality, using appropriate nitrogen, for example, can not only increase yield, and the improvement of tea and the grape color, so the high curative value of tea in Japan to color green taste for expensive, nitrogen. But in fabrication of oolong tea and package, such as more than simple amount of nitrogen fertilizer, is made from tea leaves, dark color and fragrance instead. Thus it is must be applied together with under appropriate. Because under phosphorus can make fragrance thick. Phosphorus as the nucleus important component, its effect to promote the development of different parts of tea plant, and its branches are solid. The research report according to the Indian tea industry association, think of aromatic oil content in tea, must has the stimulation of phosphorus quality maps, so the application of suitable amount of phosphate fertilizer, promote the tea aroma. Many phosphate, can improve the quality of black tea and oolong tea. But a packet of tea seems shoulds not be too much, so as to avoid the aroma; Giving potash, for branches of a strong organization, restore tree, resistance to plant diseases and insect pests and so on all have effect. Such as the use of fertilizer is not appropriate, or no fertilizer, tea grows short, qualitative hard, heart bud is easy to expand, make tea appearance, taste also owe thick and pleasant embellish. Is to improve the quality of tea, must be in accordance with the cultivated soil giving appropriate fertilizer. Oolong tea and package, a special aroma and taste of himself in the world, aroma and taste and direct influence on the composition of, is the fertility and management. Is for fertilizer kinds of release, with method of exquisite, fertilizing component and period, and management of reasonable and optimal operation period, etc., are to be item by item, pay attention to and the, so as to improve the quality, and improve the production.
Mow buds with tea quality

Tea set in one, two years after the mow growth of fresh leaves, leaf petioles hypertrophy, dark brown, thick, moisture content is more, in the tea, black tea color will take, aroma taste are good, so made oolong tea or package of kinds of tea, in the process of the withering and stirring, change status of the evaporation of water and tea, particular attention should be paid to the operation. Otherwise, to win market. After Taiwan mow three or four years of growth of fresh leaves, the situation is normal. Fresh leaves in the case of a new station mow the epigenetic blade body hypertrophy tender, and petioles fatness and long, thick green color, shoot tips with purple, often in the fresh leaf processing, should be to identify, and the withering and mixing operation, to make ideal quality.
Variety and quality of tea

Varieties of tea and tea quality of the relationship, not a plain, not suitable for the manufacture of oolong tea varieties, for example, like rotten green seed, branches, phuong tea table varieties, let you how many good technology, also hard to make good oolong tea. Not suitable for the manufacture of package tea yellow orange, white monkey, camellia, and so on several, also hard to make good package kind of tea. This is all varieties features limit the instance of tea quality. So the varieties of the carrier, and affect the quality of tea is great, we will be in Taiwan tea varieties, for the optimum no manufacture oolong tea with the bag of tea, are cited in later:
To make oolong tea varieties of no

Green heart no such as plucking tender, is made from tea shape, tight knot, baekho hypertrophy, black color is copper, the surface is glossy, bright color, strong fragrance, this series come most represent the variety of unique oolong tea aroma. Oolong tea leaves hypertrophy, when making the wilting in the sun and Fried kettle, tea shape is a bit thick, a copper jie black appearance, color thick and slightly red, summer tea made from tea leaves, its quality is above the Yu Qingxin oolong tea made from the spring and autumn period and the second quarter is dark color and smell are. Green heart shape made oolong tea is a bit thin, but there are pekoe, colour and lustre, such as in summer tea made from the first time, be bold, taste is a little thin book, but a faint scent, especially by dust the son tooth hurt the young leaves of make tea, aroma is particularly strong.

Manufacturing package tea varieties of no
The green heart oolong manufacture package tea is the best varieties. Made bag tea, the variety, shape, tight knot together a, colour and lustre is one of the most bag kind of characteristic of dark green tea and rich luster, color yellow honey, have a packet of tea fragrance strongly fragrant, the flavor is pleasant embellish delicious. A representative of the department made a good bag tea varieties. Big leaf oolong leaves large, such as picking later, will be relatively bulky appearance, too early, and has a tendency to dark color; Water color golden, quite good, sweet than the green heart oolong is moderate, the taste is somewhat weak, slightly green tea flavor. Made tea green heart no, shape is a bit thick, colour and lustre is fairly good, but is dark green, oolong less than green heart. If early harvest, white hair, more water is good, especially with special aroma. But autumn tea production in oolong tea format easily.
Plant diseases and insect pests and the quality of tea

“A fresh leaf of plant diseases and insect pests, made tea quality is bad. But fresh leaves of tea tree was slight dust child food harm, with oolong tea is harvested aroma is strong, the quality is very high. In this kind of insect food absorption of young tea leaves, the fresh leaves less moisture, directly increase leaf liquid concentration, promote the generation of aroma. Another way, the worm eat tea absorption, can secrete a kind of special material to promote the tea aroma, so beautiful in the quality of resistance. Before an evident in the cause, the latter is still lack of test confirmed that remains to be further research. But generally called oolong tea of a kind of special aroma “of the wind tea” (i.e., senior oolong tea or senior black tea), there are many children take advantage of this is dust food pollution made from fresh leaves (commonly known as smoke tea). But such as tea garden was large, yield, yield is often not as good as one, two, ten and suffer deeper instead affects the quality of the tea, when the original paltrily.
Damage of fresh leaves and tea quality

Fresh leaves of picking, handling, or the manufacturing of various kinds of operations, often several damage to fresh leaves. The injury is broken or broken or compression heat, usually in the middle of the manufacturing, the unreasonable of fermentation, make the fresh leaves wither or red, is known as “dead leaves”, affect the quality of tea is great, this kind of tea in the manufacture of oolong tea and package, become a matter of the faux pas. So wuyi oolong tea production, processing of fresh leaves very carefully, doing the best we can to avoid damage, this is a well-known world of wuyi rock tea is the way. Manufacture oolong tea with the bag of tea by mixing operation, gradually from the edge to make fresh leaves slightly fermentation, fresh leaf damage, if the processing of this step is very difficult. Is why I have to good quality of the finished product, should be to avoid injury of fresh leaves.
After picking time and the quality of tea

Regardless of the tea manufacture, raw material fresh leaves after picking, make best immediately. But in the early morning or a rainy day dew qingsong, criterion appropriate cooling stand for any manufacturing. Because of the fresh leaves left the tea tree, then change it also. But it is belong to the impossible in mass production. Ordinary after harvest after closing time of up to six hours, if properly handled, there is no big deal. Ran for more than ten hours of time, the fragrance will be affected, and can deal with the difficulties in the subsequent manufacturing process. Such as fresh leaves after picking after more than 10 4 to 15 hours of time, if not suitable for open, is due to the backlog of fever, will happen yixiu, affect the quality of the made tea. On placement of fresh leaves after picking time and place, must pay attention to deal with.

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