What beautiful pu ‘er tea

Bathed in flowers, walking in the rain forest, the sky is flowing rhythm lusheng, echoes the wooden drum. Dancing steps, chasing songs, wine full of blessings, handless small is permeated with the truth. This is – beautiful pu ‘er, keeping in good health to heaven.

What beautiful pu ‘er tea?
What beautiful pu ‘er tea?

Pu-erh tea, is in the southwest border of the motherland, 1 area comprises nine counties, 103 townships, a total population of 2.59 million, the land area of 4.5 square kilometers, is the largest city in area of yunnan province.

Beautiful pu-erh tea has a long history

Pu-erh tea belongs to the church to chow, tang zhao of silver joint degree; Ming wanli period beginning said pu-erh tea; The qing yongzheng years pu-erh tea house, established at the beginning of the founding of the pu ‘er district commissioner’s office, in 1953 changed to simao commissioner’s office, in 1971 renamed simao region, in October 2003, revocation of simao region, setting up SiMao, in January 2007 changed its name to a region.

Beautiful pu ‘er unique location

Pu-erh tea with “a city even in The Three Kingdoms, a Jiang Tong five neighboring” location advantage of bordering on Vietnam, Laos, myanmar, border is 486 km long, is known as the “eastern Danube” lancang – Mekong river running through, is the national first class water port SiMaoGang, national second class port Meng Lian and article 18 border crossings. With the establishment of the China – asean free trade area, the lancang – Mekong sub-regional cooperation, the advance of kunming-bangkok translating from all fronts, pan-asia railway line is completed, pu open to southeast Asia, South Asia will become the country’s gold.

Beautiful pu-erh tea resource enrichment

Pu-erh tea rich in natural resources, has a “golden pregnant treasure” of reputation. Proven reserves of 103.7 tons of gold, iron reserves only huimin iron ore 2.1 billion tons, 2.53 million tons of copper reserves, reserves of 355000 tons of lead, jiang potash deposit is the only soluble solid potash ore, 2000 tons of reserves of more than 2000. The water reserves is 15 million kilowatts, is “China”, “cloud electricity delivery” important base. The city’s forestry land area of 46.56 million mu, is a key forest zone in yunnan province, the important commodity timber base and forest industry base. Hot spots in the city area of 2.5 million hectares, accounting for 28.6% of the yunnan province, the first place.

Beautiful pu ‘er good ecology

Pu-erh tea mountains and rivers beautiful, pleasant climate, no cold winter and summer without the heat, and enjoy “the pearl of vegetation,” “natural oxygen bar” of reputation. Between 317-317 meters above sea level, in the city center city, 1302 meters above sea level, the city’s average annual temperature of 15 ℃ to 20.3 ℃, frost-free period in more than 315 days, 1100-2780 mm annual rainfall, negative oxygen ion content in more than seven. The city’s forest coverage rate is as high as 67%, there are two national, four provincial natural reserve, is the epitome of yunnan “animal and plant kingdom”, one of the most abundant biodiversity areas across the country; Is one of the largest oasis on the tropic of cancer, one of the most suitable for human habitation. The UN environment programme called “world of heaven, the heaven of the world”.

Beautiful pu ‘er amorous feelings

Pu-erh tea culture colorful and attractive. The city has nine ethnic minority autonomous counties, inhabited by han, hani, yi, lexical, wa, dai and other 14 localized nationalities, ethnic minority population accounts for 60%. Is referred to as “new China national unity first tablet” pu ‘er monuments, the unity of the oath; Reflect the dai national minority history culture Meng Lianxuan fondle SiShu; There are “vows”, “ah wa people’s new song” and so on a number of well-known national song and dance. Original ecological ethnic culture and folk customs primitive and mysterious, of primitive simplicity and singular; Wa drum section, lahu gourd festival, torch festival yi, dai water-splashing festival traditional festival pass in one thousand, the charm, make people linger. The world tourism organization of expert testimonials: pu ‘er is a city of poetry, the romantic place, even the air is permeated with romantic.

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