What are the three indicators tieguanyin cover ointment

The type of cover is sweet

Tieguanyin has many flavor types, we see that everybody in every BBS discussion of tieguanyin tea can see out, in fact, there are only two types, is considered to conform to the standards of higher order: one for “bright mouth sweet (hokkien)”, the meaning of the word can’t expressed in words, in short, it is a very special tea, is on the basis of tieguanyin orchid sweet additional one taste: with fresh features, appear a little make public, the vast majority of tea friends will like it. Second is quiet and tastefully laid out and the type of orchid sweet, beautiful fragrant scent, is like orchid, this scent but fragrant lasting, not from a bubble in bubble remain – tea if these two standards, and of fine quality. Besides these two, there are two types of popular scent: one is delicious, namely the improvement of the aroma is very, but not resistant to storage, after a period of time will be very close to the orchid sweet type; Second is the milk flavor types, of course, just light milk incense, could not very clear. Must, if tieguanyin with very prominent milk is sweet, the possibility of loading is high.
Sweet degree of uplift

Many friends think tieguanyin tea cover incense, the higher the better, the best incense high to “off” or “ambition”, it’s a common misconception. In fact, tieguanyin varietal character not to sweet young, we describe the most commonly used tieguanyin scent is “orchid sweet”, elegant, fragrant and lasting, not young enough to “go”. Of course, is not to say that low enough, but can clearly smell, just right, and are rich and wealthy penetration, like orchids. Many sweet high to abnormal product USES the food additives, this kind of product market are not rare, if tea friends used to contact this kind of product, turned to drinking when not feeding tieguanyin have questions such as why incense is not high.

Xiang’s durability

Durability index is often ignored by people, in fact, it is more important than young degree index, higher order tea, build sweet can lasts from 1 to 8 water water, are fragrant orchids scent; End products in general can be saved five water, if after 1, 2, water water attenuation badly, the quality of tea break is difficult to be called master.

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