What are the essentials for making tea to grasp

Brew tea cooked, brewing methods, along with the improvement and tea tea production technology is changing with the development of the cooking, directly by the earliest fresh leaves to now pay attention to methods of all kinds of tea drinking. When drinking tea, people not only pay attention to the tea itself beautiful color, aroma, taste and shape, but also with high practicability and artistry of tea set. Tea sets and tea tower is a good match, can bring out the best in each other. In every dynasty have different tea culture, tea brewing in different ways, to develop different tea vessel, whether it’s pottery, celadon, white porcelain, purple sand, or metal, glass, etc., are all in order to show different characteristics of tea.
In the form of all kinds of tea, because of the different methods of fermentation, the manufacture, the baking, so the aroma and taste of the different, in order to show their different flavor, you must use different ways of brewing with different instruments. Aromatic flavour beauty tea, with good quality, elegant tea set, can foil more tea soup broth, keep strong tea. Especially delicate tea sets, itself is a kind of art, as well as being used, and can let people appreciate the beauty of them.
Different ways of tea drinking, and no obvious boundaries, even can be exchanged. But it is important to note that people in drinks, the pursuit of all kinds of tea, such as the thick and tieguanyin tea, puer tea, green tea, oolong tea, fragrance and elegant, fresh thick black tea. But, overall, all pay attention to “fix” to the requirement of all kinds of tea. People say all kinds of tea drinking method, and research and produce a variety of different devices, it is nothing more than to play all kinds of tea inherent characteristics.
Make tea
Make tea
Tea ready

Brewing tea, in addition to good tea, good water, but also have good equipment. Used by the Chinese tea utensils, sort is various, the structure and characteristics of all kinds of tea and its artistic value, contains extremely rich content. And tea set used in the daily life, can according to the types of tea, the number and the way of drinking. Scented tea, green tea, and more pay attention to the fragrance of oolong tea class, available CiHu, cover glass (tureen) or to brew; Partially fermented oolong tea, tieguanyin, daffodils and other appropriate USES purple sand tea sets, time black tea, crushed black tea, generally with CiHu or bubble are recommended. Drinking green tea or other delicate tea, no matter with what kind of tea set are appropriate is small not big, because with a large glass of water is much, high heat, easy to make the tea liquor has “cooked soup” flavor.
In the modern life of tea art, how can we effectively and easily use some devices, the tea is nice and beautiful, is the basic attitude of be particular about tea utensils. Normally used to make tea utensils are: the tea pot, pot pad, cover cup, boiling water, tea, tea cups, cup, tea, tea holder, TSP, and tea, handless small, tea tray, such as water jar. These instruments modelling, color, material are different, we can choose a practical and able to operate freely appliances to match. Three, five friends at ordinary times regardless of personal tea or a cup of tea, or a large conference, tea party supplies, equipment, used by way of brewing, probably is different, we can prepare a few set tea service is tie-in, even under different occasions, the mood, the same can enjoy a cup of sweet and tasty brew.
Cover cup (tureen) method of brewing

Cover cup is used for personal exclusive or at the meeting, tea method to save time. For a single, short time using personal use simple tea tea set, can also be used as a burst bubble cover cup, applies in general try tea.
If you would like to enjoy the standard, the concentration of the beverage can depend on the types of tea, nature, time, place and the drinker’s physique and habits, deliberate and addition amount of tea. If the cover cup capacity of 150, a single drink, can put 3 grams of tea amount, brewing drinkable after five minutes. In the meeting for a long time or many times to drink, can be placed 5 grams of tea, brewed two minutes drinkable. The lid of the cover cup is used to pick tea, make tea liquor even after the judgment proper concentration; Can also be used in the beverage, as filtering tea. After pouring the tea, in addition to enjoy tea, can smell the fragrance of tea and cover. If the cover cup used as burst bubble or teapot, buy tea quantity can according to individual be fond of, as appropriate increase or decrease in drinking habits, brew good tea soup can be made of tureen tea into the sea, make tea liquor concentration mixed evenly, then pour cup to drink. Cover cup qualitative material for porcelain mostly, so when brewing tea aroma is easy to appear, and the beverage flavor and aroma are not disturbed, the most suitable brew scented tea, high tea aroma bag, longjing green tea, “biluochun” and so on.
VAT tea bubble method

Usually drinks tea in the company or the meeting is large in number field is reasonable, in order to supply the majority of people drinking, common to make tea with large heat insulation barrels, but often because of tea and water proportion, or will be isolated from tea liquor and tea, and become bitter tea hard to drink, or brewing too much and waste tea. In fact with VAT tea bubble method, also can get a cup of tea, sweet and can avoid the waste of tea and water. Brewing VAT of tea, can prepare gauze bag or fine iron tennis as isolation of tea, or take two big teapot, a as a teapot, another can be used as tea sea. Brew water temperature must also consider the different properties of various kinds of tea, the brew is finely tea, water temperature slightly can be reduced, or reduce the amount of tea. VAT amount of buy tea tea and water, general standard percentage is as follows:
(1) tea: water = 1:50 cc, bubble about five to six minutes separated the tea leaves and tea.
(2) water consumption decision. X number of x each supply capacity of the cup cup.
(3) use tea present 50 cc = water quantity decision. So you can calculate the required amount of water and tea, such as to supply 15 individuals, each drink a cup of frozen top 50 cc oolong tea, the water consumption is: 50 x 15 = 750 cc; Use tea is: 750 present 50 = 15 g; Tea: water = 15 g: 750 cc.
Traditional yixing small pot of tea brewing method

Made of yixing purple sand tea set, tea neither seize the incense, nor cooked soup, can a long time to keep the tea color, aroma and taste. The different characteristics of the visual when brewing tea, and choose different pot collocation is used, in order to achieve the ideal effect of brewing. Using instruments with boiled water, teapot, teacup, sea, handless small tea, tea holder, such as TSP water jar, the brewing method is as follows:
(a) temperature pot, warm tea. Temperature pot can improve the temperature of the teapot, avoid control has good water temperature affected when making tea, tea sea temperature is the same reason.
(2) prepare tea, tea. Take tea, through the appreciation of tea in the tea holder stem shape, in order to understand bubble tea weight and decided to buy tea and water temperature.
(3) a warm bubble. Into the proper temperature of the water into the pot, after a short period of time will be in POTS of water poured out, make tea after absorbing temperature and humidity, is in bud, when the first tea liquor brewing aroma and flavor of the show.
(4) temperature cup. First preheating, the cup to help the beverage of the fragrance.
(5) brewing. Each tea after brewing poured out of time, should be depending on the characteristics of tea and tea volume adjustment.
(6) tea. Tea has two ways:
(1) the average tea method (point soldier), average pour tea, its advantage is that can make the aroma is not lost too much.
(2) just pour tea of collecting, besides can make tea liquor concentration on average, may also precipitated dust.
Lu xun once said: “there are good tea to drink, drink tea, is a kind of retired life, but to enjoy the retired life, first is must have the time, the second is from practice special feeling.” To make good a pot of tea, in addition to need to know about the tea characteristics, the most important is the more bubble, to experience more.

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