What are the bubble tea drink

The majority of countries all over the world to drink black tea. Drinking method is different also.

What are the bubble drink black tea?
What are the bubble drink black tea?

To use the tea set, can be divided into a cup of drink and drink pot method. Generally, all kinds of trouble, small kind of black tea, black tea and instant black tea, black tea bag is a drink cup method USES mostly; All kinds of red broken tea and black tea, etc., at the end of the bubble to make the tea and tea soup separation, easy to drink, used pot bubble method.

Whether to add other seasoning to points in the beverage, and can be divided into “clear water law” and “drink” two kinds. The vast majority of local drink black tea in China adopts the method of “clear water”, was not used in most of tea drink black tea “clear water”, do not have the habit of china-canada add other seasoning in the beverage. Some countries in Europe and the United States generally USES “method”, is widely love to drink milk tea. Usually drink method is to put the tea into the pot, use boiling water, soak 5 minutes, then pour the tea into the cup, add the right amount of sugar and milk or cheese, became a cup of aromatic Tasty milk tea. People in the former Soviet union, especially love to drink lemon tea and tea. Especially the russians have a hobby, sugar tea often burn hot tea, plus a lot of sugar, honey and lemon slices.

Ice tea preparation method is the first black tea infused into a slightly higher concentration of tea liquor. Then, to add ice cup for eight full, add the red tea. Depending on the particular interest again with sugar or honey mix evenly, can brew a cup of ice tea color, and taste.

Frozen tea preparation method is to use 170 grams of sugar, 7 g jelly powder, 200 ml water, 824 ml tea (black tea or other tea can substitute for). After brewing tea with boiled water first, filter out the beverage. Set aside. Then, the white granulated sugar and jelly powder blending, add cold water mixing, reoccupy soft fire heating, stirring constantly to a boil. And pectin solution in the tea blend into model (either with a small bowl or cup), placed in the refrigerator after condensation, increases with the increasing need to take with food. Tea is cold in the summer can make people cool cardiopulmonary, heat dissipation of cool and refreshing drinks.

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